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Brooker's Law

Even a little practice is worth a lot of theory.

Klipstein's laws (applied to mechanical engineering)

1. Your patent application will certainly be a week late against a similar application filed by others.

2. The stability of supply is always inversely proportional to the tightness of the schedule.

3. Any wire cut into pieces will be too short.

Klipstein's laws (applied to prototyping and production)

1. Tolerances will accumulate unidirectionally to cause maximum assembly difficulties.

2. If the diagram requires M parts, then there will be M-1 in the warehouse.

3. The motor will spin in the wrong direction.

4. The reliability system will disable other systems.

5. A device protected by a fast acting fuse will be able to protect that fuse by blowing first.

6. The error will be revealed only after the final check of the device.

7. After removing the last of the 16 bolts from the protective cover, it turns out that the wrong cover was removed.

8. After the shroud has been secured with the 16 retaining bolts, it appears that the gasket was forgotten to be placed inside.

9. After assembling the installation on the workbench, extra parts will be found.

Universal Laws for Young Engineers Developed by the International Association of Philosophical Engineers Practice Guidelines Committee

1. Any mistake that can sneak into any calculation will sneak into it.

2. Any mistake in any calculation will be aimed at causing the greatest harm.

3. In any formula, constants (especially those taken from technical reference books) should be treated as variables.

4. The truest dimension on any diagram or drawing has the greatest chance of being overlooked.

5. If the pilot plant works flawlessly, all subsequent ones will be faulty.

6. Requests for changes that absolutely need to be made to the device are always made after the production is almost complete.

7. Parts that simply cannot be assembled incorrectly will still be assembled incorrectly.

8. All delivery commitments should be multiplied by a factor of 2.0.

9. The technical parameters of the devices, declared by the manufacturer, must be multiplied by a factor of 0.5.

10. The expectations of new car buyers should be multiplied by a factor of 0.25.

11. Any device requiring adjustment and adjustment, usually does not lend itself to either one or the other.

12. If more than one person is responsible for an error in the calculation, no one is to blame.

13. Identical devices tested in the same way will behave completely differently in operation.

Harpers Magazine Law

A thing cannot be found until you buy another one instead.

Airplane law

When your plane is late, the plane you would like to transfer to leaves on time.

Cycling law

No matter where you go - the road always goes uphill, and the wind is head-on!

The law of feline hopelessness

As soon as the cat stretched out and began to fall asleep on your lap, you urgently needed to get up and go, well, let's say, to the bathroom.

Bridge law

The partner is always to blame.

Johnson and Laird's Law

A toothache usually begins on Saturday night.

Beech's law

You always find the lost in the last pocket.

Walker's Law

Any implementation requires improvement.

Conservation laws

1. Everything that lies badly disappears quickly.

2. Money is disappearing faster than we think.

Cocteau's Rule

From time to time you need to take a break from doing nothing.

Axiom Lec

Life forces a person to take many voluntary actions.

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