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The Naumovichs are distinguished by their rare diligence, and they are not just performers, but also talented people, with ingenuity, stubbornly going towards their goal. These men are ambitious, they are not characterized by periods of apathy, they are constantly looking for something to do.

In the course of work, the Naumovichs do not allow themselves to be used for other purposes, and, having completed the work, will not fail to note this fact to their superiors. The fact that they are constantly in front of the management and move their careers.

Naumovichi are not afraid of failures, trying to work on mistakes. The owners of this patronymic communicate well and fruitfully with people, they try not to participate in conflicts.

The Naumovichs prefer to keep useful acquaintances who may bring them any benefit in the future, which is why they have almost no real friends. These men are very economical, they know the value of money, however, they cannot be accused of stinginess.

They usually get married once, and it is successful. They are good husbands who love cleanliness in the house and do not hesitate to clean and cook.

The Naumovichs devote a lot of time to their children, for their sons they are just a role model. These men prefer to spend their leisure time at home, reading or watching TV.

These women are distinguished by their light disposition, they are very cheerful, have a great sense of humor, it is difficult to overshadow their positive attitude. It is not surprising that they have so many friends, however, real ones, as usual, not many.

True, the Naumovny still prefer to spend time not in large and noisy companies, but in a narrow circle. They themselves are sympathetic people, always ready to come to the rescue, both to friends and unfamiliar people.

At work, these women are diligent employees, diligently following all the orders of their superiors, the Naumovny often look for creative solutions to problems. They themselves are devoid of career motives, therefore they do not weave intrigues in the team, for which they are loved in the team.

The Naumovs love to travel, so the best job for them is that connected with business trips. Although they try to spend their rest outside the home, in resorts or in the mountains, preferring an active pastime.

Naumovna are very educated people who love to read, cultural events - cinema or theater. The owners of this middle name are very beautiful, so there are always many men around them.

But, oddly enough, often the Naumovny cannot choose a partner for themselves, although, by getting married, they find real happiness. These women are excellent housewives who know how and love to cook, spending all their free time with their families.

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