The most important talismans

Today it is fashionable to equip your homes in accordance with the principles of feng shui. Talismans also play a significant role. These cute things can be found in any esoteric shop today.

But people acquire them and do not think about either the true purpose or the correct location inside the house. The most famous such items will be discussed below.

Want. This fat bald man is the main god of wealth in feng shui. This is generally one of the most popular talismans among people. Thanks to Hotei, you can activate a wealth zone in your home. A well-known Chinese omen says that you can achieve the fulfillment of a desire if you constantly think about it and at this time rub the tummy of a god figurine 300 times.

Three-legged frog. This creature also personifies wealth and success. It is believed that its positive effect on the home can be enhanced by putting a Chinese coin in the toad's mouth. Moreover, success directly depends on the amount of money. It is best to place this talisman in the area of ​​the house corresponding to its influence; it will look and feel good on the office desktop.

Fu dogs. These animals should definitely be paired. This is the only way they can protect our home and its material values. For the talisman to fulfill its function, it should be placed directly opposite the front door. And in order for the Fu dogs to be engaged in increasing capital, they must be placed in the Wealth Zone.

Crystal spheres. Crystal balls are made of glass and lead oxide especially for feng shui. For them to really work against financial difficulties, it is necessary to choose spheres with diameters of at least 4 cm. The surface of these balls has edges. When rays of sunlight get there, they scatter throughout the room. Thus, the energy seems to spread throughout the house, it is renewed and improved. The spheres contribute to the correct direction of energy flows, protecting against its negative manifestations. Simple spheres are not suitable for the role of a talisman, since the prism effect is achieved only due to lead impurities.

Mirrors. It is a very important talisman in feng shui. It is important that it should be used exclusively in its pure form. At the same time, the mirrors must be new, you cannot use those that we inherited. These items must not be damaged or chipped. The image in the mirrors should be as clear as possible. So do not use glasses that will distort the picture. Although any shape is acceptable, an octagonal is best. It will also symbolize the harmony of the Ba-gua octagon. A mirror in the house will not just give additional light, according to the principles of feng shui, this talisman will personify all the new positive energy in the home. But it is believed that mirrors can also reflect negative Chi energy. It is necessary to place such symbols in your home with extreme caution. While mirrors are powerful, incorrect placement can negate the effects of other valuable items. For example, a mirror installed opposite Hotei will prevent him from bringing good luck. The energy between this talisman and the zone reflected by it will begin to stagnate and heat up in a peculiar way.

The music of wind. Special pendants in the form of long tubes are known under this name. They are usually made of wood or metal. When touched, they emit a ringing or melodic tapping. Such a talisman is able to improve the energy background in the home, it interferes with stagnation in business and in life in general. To attract positive energy into the house, you just need to touch this pendant. This will immediately activate invisible positive forces. Feng Shui principles state that such a talisman cannot be purchased as a gift. A person must choose himself the "Music of the Wind" and its melody in accordance with his taste. After all, if the sounds made are unpleasant to the owners, then the effect of the talisman will be the opposite. A useful musical instrument can work in two directions at once. It not only attracts well-being, but also cleans the house of negative energy. To achieve the desired effect, you need to buy a talisman exclusively with hollow tubes. In addition, you need to know a number of rules about working with the "Music of the Wind". To clear the space of negativity, it is best to use a five-pipe talisman. The location of the Wind Chime is also important. On the north side it will be better to place a ceramic installation, in the north-west and south-west - a wooden one, while metal will serve well on the east and south-east side of the dwelling. In order to better attract good luck, the number of Chime of the Wind pipes is best matched to certain cardinal points. The talisman located in the south should have 9 pipes, in the southeast - 4, in the southwest - -2. If the "Wind chime" is located on the east side of the dwelling, then 3 pipes are better suited for it, 8 on the north-east, 6 on the north-west, and 7 on the west.

Bells. The "Music of the Wind" has one drawback - the bulkiness of the structure. Instead, you can use another talisman - bells. They are perfect for places where hanging multiple pipes is simply impossible or unacceptable. The effect of copper bells will be exactly the same.

Bamboo flutes. This feng shui symbol is renowned for its effectiveness. A bamboo musical instrument helps to ward off evil spirits, and also scares away evil and unpleasant people from home. It is believed that these flutes will help to achieve undertakings, thanks to them a calm atmosphere will reign in the house. However, as with mirrors, you should be careful when placing such a powerful talisman in your home. The flutes should be hung at a certain angle, depending on the goals. First of all, the talisman must be placed exactly opposite the zone that needs to be activated. That's right, and not in herself. To activate the Wealth and Helper zones, the flute is hung at an angle of 45 degrees. In this case, the right side looks up, and the left - down. To activate the zones of Marriage and Love or Wisdom and Knowledge, the angle must also be 45 degrees, but now the right side must look down, and the left up. To use the Family Zone, the talisman must be hung vertically, narrow side down. For the Glory and Career zones, the flute must be placed horizontally, for the Health zone, the direction of the talisman does not matter at all.

Chinese coins. The talisman is simple and effective, helping to achieve success in business and financial affairs. Prosperity will be achieved if hieroglyphic inscriptions are applied to the coins. For this talisman to work better, several coins should be tied with a red ribbon so that the letters are at the top. It is best to use 3 or 9 coins in this case. Such a tool should be placed in the Wealth area, as well as in all places that relate to money and work.

Live plants. These green flora are responsible for positive energy in the home, so it is important that they do not have dried leaves on them. Feng Shui experts believe that the king of plants, bamboo, a jade plant that brings wealth, happiness and good luck, has a particularly strong influence on humans. And of course, do not forget about such a popular talisman as the money tree, which is responsible for wealth. But artificial plants should not be used in the house. They are initially dead and, in principle, are not able to improve the energy of our homes. Fresh cut flowers also have a good effect. However, their influence ends with withering away. That is why dying plants must be removed from the house in a timely manner.

Aquariums. These water reservoirs are also capable of bringing good luck and wealth, however, their maintenance is not easy. So those who want to start an aquarium should first read about the conditions of its maintenance and the life of fish in it. Indeed, in this place, the water must always be clean, and the fish must be healthy. It is better to quickly replace a dead creature with a new one. It is best if there are 9 fish in the aquarium. In this case, only one should be black, and the rest should be golden. It is believed that by its death, the blackfish will ward off serious misfortune from home.

Fountains and waterfalls. Recently, it is customary to install such "live" talismans in the house. However, it is better not to use fountains in the Zone of Glory. The point is that this zone has a fiery origin. And water is the enemy of this element, extinguishing it. Thus, a fountain in such a place will only bring trouble in this area of ​​life. It must be remembered that feng shui water symbols need constant movement. Only in this way can they create positive energy flows and protect them from stagnation.

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