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The female version of the male name Louis, translated as "famous battle".


As a child, Louise is distinguished by enviable patience, unhurriedness, sensitive, sometimes even painful pride. He tries to succeed in his studies, and although "there are not enough stars from the sky," he graduates from an educational institution with good grades.

Growing up, she learns to quickly adapt to rapidly changing living conditions, is kind-hearted, responsive, and enjoys authority among classmates.

The grown-up Louise is patient, organized, cunning and resourceful, has a well-developed intuition, thanks to which she always achieves her plans, although sometimes she does not go along the easiest and shortest path.

He is never upset because of failures, but with drastic and rapid changes in circumstances, he can get confused, since he does not have a quick reaction.

Louise is sociable, balanced, has many friends. She is somewhat self-confident, but this is only a mask, under which the delicate, vulnerable nature of an insecure woman is often hidden. She is quite careful and artistic, but sometimes she lacks some sincerity and spiritual openness.


Louise is charming, cheerful and sociable, has a great sense of humor. She is touchy, but not vindictive, she will never take revenge for the offense inflicted on her.

In relationships with men, she puts tender feelings first, physical intimacy brings her pleasure only when the partner shows tender feelings, and his love finds a response in her heart.

She marries for love, however, the first marriage is rarely lasting. Louise is generous and hospitable, a loving mother (most often sons are born to her) and a good housewife.

If Louise was born in winter, then in her relationships with men she adheres to strict, even puritanical, moral principles. She is irritable, touchy, will never forgive betrayal.

Born in autumn, Louise is more balanced and tolerant of other people's weaknesses, truthful, prudent and careful. After the first divorce, he prefers not to enter into an official marriage, preferring a freer relationship.



A rock


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The sound of the name Louise gives the impression of something brave, big, majestic, good, loud, strong, mighty.

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