The most famous ghosts

Many are skeptical about ghosts, but this happens until they encounter them themselves. But if you still believe that there are some non-material beings in our world, then the story about the most famous ghosts will be interesting.

A slave from the Myrtle Plantation. According to legend, once in one of the American mansions lived a slave named Chloe. The woman had a bad habit of spying on and eavesdropping on all the inhabitants of the mansion through the keyhole. But one day the owner caught her doing this and cut off one of her ears as punishment. As a result, the unfortunate woman had to constantly wear a green scarf to hide her wound. But the punishment did not bring Chloe to his senses, but on the contrary. She decided to take revenge on her master and baked a cake for him, in which she put poisonous oleander leaves. Only now the owner did not manage to taste the poisoned food - two daughters and a wife beat him. As a result of terrible torment, the women died. The master's anger fell on his slaves, who quickly identified the culprit and hanged Chloe on the same day. History has come down to us in the form of vague legends and old photographs. However, it is not only Chloe that appears on the local plantation. In the mirrors of the mansion, they say, one of the girls she killed is displayed - the ghost sends curses to those who dare to spend the night in her room. Today, the local mansion is one of the most famous places for those who dare to touch the other world.

The girl from the Resurrection Cemetery. In the American state of Illinois, in the town of Justit, people often have to meet the mysterious ghost of a blue-eyed blonde woman voting on the sidelines. The ghost wears a white dress and calls himself Mary. They say that she asks for a ride, but near the Resurrection Cemetery, she disappears without a trace. The legend about this girl has existed for about 80 years, it is curious that Mary meets not only those who know about her, but also completely strangers. So, in 1973, one of the taxi drivers complained that on the side of the road he picked up a girl who asked to give her a lift, and near the cemetery she mysteriously disappeared without paying. When the man was asked to name the signs of his companion, he accurately described Mary, known throughout the district.

Ghost ship. This ghost is known to all sailors. The Flying Dutchman was born in 1641. It was in this year that the captain of the East India Company vessel Hendrik van der Decken decided to round the Cape of Good Hope on a bet in a terrible storm, even if it cost him his life. Since then, no one has seen the ship, but not far from the cape they began to meet the ghost of the ship. At the same time, he appeared so close to the sides that it seemed that a collision was inevitable. However, soon the ghost disappeared into the fog that always accompanied him. The "Flying Dutchman" had many eyewitnesses, but the most famous of them was King George V of England, who even noted in his diary a meeting with a mysterious ghost. The monarch wrote that at first he saw a mystical red light, then out of the fog the contours of the brig, with sails and masts, began to gradually emerge. Soon the ghost vanished into the haze, and the sailor who first noticed the "Dutchman" fell from the mast and crashed to death.

The ghost of Anne Boleyn. The second wife of the English king Henry VIII managed to stay on the throne for only three years, this, however, was enough to give life to the future Queen Elizabeth I. Her Majesty was executed in 1536 on terrible charges of witchcraft and incest, but today historians come to the idea of the fact that it was simply slandered by the envious. Since then, the ghost of Queen Anne can often be found in the old churches and castles of London. Eyewitnesses say that they met a beautiful woman in rich and elegant outfits. However, some see a completely different picture - Anna Boleyn is seen as a decapitated corpse.

Kate from Coronado. In California, the city of Coronado is located, which has the "Hotel Coronado", made in the Victorian style. One day, Kate Morgan drove in, a pleasant woman who nevertheless looked tired and sick. In a small town, rumors immediately spread that the guest was trying to get rid of an unwanted child by overdosing with quinine. Kate was soon found shot to death on the path leading to the sea. Next to her was a pistol, from which she shot herself. It became clear that the poor woman was so nervous and physically exhausted that she had no choice but to commit suicide. However, the accident left a mystical imprint on the hotel - strange things began to happen there. The guests complained that someone was constantly wandering along the corridors and slamming doors. Later, some people in the hotel even saw the ghost of a woman wandering around it.

The Stanley Hotel and its Ghosts. This place was made famous by Stephen King in his famous novel The Shining and later in the film of the same name. The hotel is located in Estes Park, Colorado. I must say that the hotel is so grateful to the writer for the powerful advertising that the same film is constantly shown on Channel 42, it is easy to guess which one. And the ghosts are actually present here. Guests complain that the halls are constantly making noise and walking, but only now they are usually empty. The noise of children's games is often heard in the corridors, although there is no one there either. But most often the ghosts visit room 407, where the main ghost appears - Lord Danravin. It was he who once owned the land on which the hotel was built. They say that it is the lord who steals their valuables from the guests; any incomprehensible noise is most often attributed to this ghost. So, whether you like it or not, the Stanley Hotel has a life of its own, full of mystical ghosts.

Ghost Reicham Hall. Another name for this ghost is "The Brown Lady" as he wears a classic brown dress. The ghost was even filmed in 1936 by the owners of the English house, Reicham Hall. It is unclear who this woman is, but it is assumed that it is Dorothy, the sister of Robert Walpole and ex-wife of the Marquis of Townshend. At the age of 26, she married the hero of her childhood love, who by that time turned out to be a widower. According to legend, Townshend found out that Dorothy was cheating on him with Lord Wharton, and locked her in her own rooms. She died soon after under unknown circumstances, it is obvious that her death was somehow connected with this house. There is a lot of evidence of a meeting with the "brown lady". The most famous were the memoirs of George IV, who was then regent. At the beginning of the 19th century, he slept in the Reicham Hall and woke up at night to see a pale woman with disheveled hair standing next to the bed. Another famous case was the encounter with the ghost of Colonel Loftus in 1835. He met Christmas in the Hall and suddenly at night he saw a ghost. The soldier chased after him, but the ghost ran down the stairs and disappeared. The next night, a new meeting took place - Loftus met a "brown lady" on the stairs, a ghost carried a lamp. The colonel recalls that the woman was dressed in luxurious brocade, and her hair was hidden in a cap. The eye sockets were dark and empty. Loftus remembered this meeting so well that he even sketched a mysterious ghost. The next known fact of meeting with a ghost was told by the writer Frederick Marriet. One night, he and two members of the Townshend family ran into the "brown lady". The writer was not taken aback and shot her point-blank, claiming that the bullet had passed through a ghost. She was later found in the doorway behind the place where the ghost was. After that, the ghost was not heard until 1920, and in 1936, while filming the Reich Hall, they managed to shoot the "brown lady". The photo became a sensation, and experts who examined it could not find any signs of a fake. Since then, the ghost began to appear in the house much less often.

Clifton Hall. Today this mansion is worth three million pounds and is up for sale. The hall was built in the eleventh century and is located in Nottinghamshire, England. The building passed from generation to generation of the Clifton family. In 1958, they decided to sell the house. It was first acquired by a wealthy man from Dubai, Anwar Rashid, but after just eight months he fled from his new home with his wife and four children. The reason for this was the mortal fear of the ghosts that inhabited the house. From the first days of living there, someone was constantly knocking on the door and asking who was at home. At the same time, no one was in front of the door. The worst events happened one Sunday. Anwar's wife decided to prepare food for the child in one of the lower rooms. There she found her daughter watching TV. The woman called out to her daughter several times, but received no answer. Then she went upstairs and found this child peacefully sleeping in his bed.

White lady. And this famous ghost lives far from English castles. He is often seen in the Philippines. The Lady chose Highway Ballet for her nightly appearances. The ghost looks like a black-haired girl in a white dress, her face bloody. Many tourists talk about their meetings with her. At night, few people dare to ride on the Ballet track, especially single ones. It is believed that the ghost does not like unnecessary witnesses, preferring lonely drivers.

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