The most famous curses

In the history of mankind, it often happens that a series of strange and tragic events follows, associated with a certain place, person, thing. Then it was believed that some kind of emotional message could bring a curse on the enemy.

Science today denies any pattern in such events, attributing failure to mere chance. Below are the ten most famous curses.

Bjorktor Runestone. There is a place called Blekinge in Sweden. A whole group of strange stones was found there, installed here in the 6th century. Their height is about 4.2 meters. Some stones form circles, and some stand alone. But the most famous and strange of them is the Bjorktor stone. At that time, the inscription was applied on it: “I, the owner of these runes, lay here symbols of power. Anyone who dares to break this stone will face an insidious death. I prophesy destruction for them. " Seemingly empty words. But there is a local legend that claims that this prophecy was once tested and proven to be powerful. Once, a farmer decided to remove the stone, not believing in the curse. He needed more land for his farm. Around the stone, he spread wood to heat it more strongly, and then pour cold water over it. So the man intended to split the stone. The weather was calm then, and there were no signs of wind. But as soon as the fire came on, as a strong gust of wind immediately threw firewood on the man, his hair caught fire. The unfortunate man threw himself to the ground, began to roll to shoot down the flames. But the fire has already spread to the clothes. As a result, a person who did not believe in the power of the curse died in terrible agony. And the fire around the rune instantly died down, as if someone invisible took it into a huge fist and extinguished it.

Curse of Bambino. In 1920, baseball player Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox was sold to the New York Yankees. Since then, the former team of the athlete began to pursue a series of failures, which was dubbed "The Curse of Bambino". Until that moment, the team from New York had never won a national championship before, but the Bostonians, on the contrary, were one of the most successful teams, being five-time champions. Ruth really brought good luck to the new team, becoming a legend there and bringing 4 championships. But the Red Sox lost their taste for big victories for a long time. They didn't win the championship until 2004. Only more than 80 years later, the curse was lifted. It is noteworthy that during the victorious finale, a lunar eclipse occurred, the first for the final games. And the rival of the Bostonians in the historic duel was the very New York Yankees. Interestingly, they began to talk about the curse itself only after 1990, when it was voiced by journalists. The fans of the team, seeing that there are really no victories and no, even made a number of attempts to get rid of the curse. Thus, the flags of the Yankees were burned, professional exorcists of spirits were hired, and appropriate road signs were installed in front of the city with a turn to the side for the curse. Many documentaries and articles have been written about this story.

The Curse of Tipekanoe. In 1840, William Henry Harrison became President of the United States. His campaign campaign was accompanied by the song "Tipekanoe and Tyler" throughout. The hero of Tipekanoe was William himself, who participated in that battle of 1811, and Tyler was another candidate from the Whig party. Just a year after his election, the President passed away. Since then, every new head of the country elected in a year ending at zero died before the end of his term. Harrison himself died a natural death, already in old age, the elected Lincoln in 1860 was shot, as was the elected Garfield in 1880. The same fate awaited the elect in 1900 McKinley and 1960 Kennedy. But Harding and F. Roosevelt, who became Presidents in 1920 and 1940, respectively, died a natural death. Ronald Reagan, elected President in 1980, broke the sinister series. But he was also attacked just a couple of months after taking office.

The curse of Superman. We all think Superman is an invulnerable hero. But this only happens in the movies. But with those people who in life turned out to be connected with the history of this character, a lot of troubles and accidents happened. This served as the basis for creating a belief about the curse of Superman. Probably the most revealing cases happened with George Reeves, who played Superman in the television series, and Christopher Reeve, who embodied the character in several films. George Reeves, who starred in The Adventures of Superman in 1951-1958, mysteriously committed suicide in 1959. And Christopher Reeve, after filming 4 superhero films in the 70s and 80s, was completely paralyzed after falling from a horse in 1995. In this tragic chain, other people are often mentioned - Jerry Siegel and the artist Joe Schuster. The first was one of the main scriptwriters, and the second was an artist. It is believed that it was they who came up with the image of the superhero. Only now they did not manage to make money on it. All rights to the Superman image were owned by DC Comics, for which the pair worked. Some people even believe that it was Jerry and Joe who put a curse on the image they created in response to too low royalties for their ingenious work. It is said that even President John F. Kennedy himself fell victim to the curse. After all, shortly before his death, the Administration approved a scenario in which Superman advertises some of the presidential initiatives. Such comics were supposed to go on sale in April 1964. But six months before that, the President was killed. Such a curse scared many actors away from the role of Superman. One of the last was Paul Walker. But many sarcastically say that this is for the best. This actor would rather kill the role himself than she would kill him. Superman Returns premiered in 2006, let's see if the curse works again.

Curse of Billy the goat. This curse haunts the Chicago Cubs. It started back in 1945. The story goes that then Billy Sianis, an immigrant from Greece, arrived at the game. He had 2 tickets worth $ 7.2 in his hands, and his companion was ... a goat! At this time, the 4th match of the baseball championship was played, the team of "Detroit Tigers" opposed the Chicagoans. Sianis, along with the goat, was allowed to enter the Wrigley stadium and even allowed to show off before the game on the observation deck. After all, the animal had the symbols of the owner's favorite team. But with the start of the match, the guards got down to business. Several innings, Sianis and the goat marched around the field, and then they were seated in their seats, according to the purchased tickets. But even before the end of the game, the fan and the animal were kicked out of the stadium. This order was given personally by the owner of the Cubs, Philip Wrigley. The offended Sianis allegedly said that "the Cubs can no longer win anything." This became the curse imposed on the team. The Cubs lost that game, like the whole tournament. Sianis already from Greece wrote to the owner of the team: "Well, who stinks now?" For the next 20 years, the Cubs were the worst team in the National League. This black streak ended only in 1967, with the arrival of Leo Durochet as manager of the club.

Porsche by James Dean. On September 30, 1955, at 17:45, a terrible accident happened. The idol of American youth, James Dean, died in it. His new Porsche Spyder, nicknamed "Little Bastard", collided head-on with another car. His friend and mechanic, Role Wyuterich, was able to survive the accident, being seriously injured. But the actor himself died on the way to the hospital, never regaining consciousness. Ironically, Dean, who was driving, was strapped in a seat belt and broke his neck, but his passenger was unbuckled and flew out of the car, which saved his life. The other car was driven by Donald Thornspeed, a student. He escaped with minor scratches. It is said that exactly a week before, Alec Genness, to whom Dean bragged about his car, warned that driving it would lead to death in exactly one week. The wrecked car was later sold to professional car designer George Barris for $ 2,500. But the wreck did not have time to get into his garage, when during loading it fell off and fell on one of the mechanics. As a result, both of his legs were broken. Barris began to suspect that this car was cursed. Moreover, two tires removed from her on another car suddenly burst. The driver miraculously survived, but remained disabled. His suspicions were finally confirmed when the races took place in Pomona, California in October 1956. Two doctors, Toy McHenry and William Ashried, bought cars from Barris, which included spare parts from the sinister "Little Bastard". McHenry, whose car was powered by a Porsche, died when the car lost control and crashed into a tree. And Ashrid's car turned over completely. The driver himself managed to survive, he later said that the steering wheel suddenly jammed in the turn. A torn off wheel hit the policeman on the head, causing a concussion. A month later, the remains of Porsche Dean were transported by a truck. The car suddenly lost control and overturned. The remains of the Porsche fell on the practically escaped driver. In 1960, the Little Bastard was rebuilt and ready to ride. But when transported to Miami, the car mysteriously disappeared. What happened to the demonic cursed machine and those who kidnapped it remains a mystery.

The curse of the Kennedy family. This famous American family is believed to be cursed. The reason for these rumors was a series of tragedies that happened to Kennedy. All this could have happened to an ordinary family, but in the case of such an influential family, the press presented the chain of events as a curse. Some Kennedy died young enough. John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy were killed in the service. And in 1999, John F. Kennedy Jr. died in a plane crash. Clan members cited the fact that President Kennedy's sister, Rosemary, had been isolated from society, undergoing a lobotomy later on, as evidence of the curse. During the Second World War, Joseph Kennedy was killed, and the youngest Edward Kennedy was amputated at the age of 12. Michael Kennedy died in an accident just skiing.

The Diamond of Hope. The history of this gem can be traced back to 1642. This diamond has become famous for its size, clarity, remarkable color and mysterious history. The stone is a blue egg-shaped cut diamond. It weighs 45.5 carats and measures 25.6 x 21.8 x 12 millimeters. The diamond is located in a lattice, which is framed by sixteen other, smaller, diamonds. As with all blue and gray diamonds, Hope's color is caused by boron and is a combination of blue shades. The notoriety of the diamond is given by the belief that it brings bad luck to its owners. It was obtained by the Frenchman Tavernier, who, according to legend, stole a stone in India from the forehead or eye of the statue of the goddess Sita. Later, after the sale of the diamond, the thief was killed in Russia by wild dogs. When the diamond first came to Europe, the Plague came with it to the mainland. Many priests attributed the blame for this to the “blue eye”. The stone was presented to Louis XIV, who donated the diamond to his favorite. She soon fell out of favor, and the diamond returned to the king. Soon Louis XIV stepped on a nail while dancing and died of gangrene. The next owner of the stone was Marie Antoinette, who gave the princess Lamballe to vilify the diamond. During the French Revolution, the ladies were executed, along with Louis XVI. Then the owners changed quickly - a cadet, a jeweler, his son ... All of them died ominously and mysteriously. The diamond fell into the hands of the banker Hope, and he died of an unknown illness. His son was poisoned, and his grandson was ruined. The Hope diamond fell into the hands of the Sultan of Egypt and was presented to his mistress. Soon the ruler was expelled, and the woman was killed. The series of deaths went on and on. As a result, the stone was donated to Smithsonian University in Washington. Today it is shown to everyone, as part of the national collection of jewelry and minerals.

Club 27. This club is often referred to as "Forever 27". This is what fans called a whole group of rock and blues musicians who passed away at the age of 27. Quite mysterious circumstances often accompanied this. It is not yet clear on the basis of what criteria in general it is possible to enroll new members in this club. The motive for creating such an unspoken organization is clear: within a ten-month period, some musicians who have reached the age of 27 die. Robert Johnson is usually listed as number one. Other members of the club are Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison. They all made a great contribution to the development of music. At the age of 27, Kurt Cobain also died, who is now also included in this list. In 2011, the singer Amy Wayanhouse died at the same age, and many rushed to put her on the honorary list. And in Russia, 27 is a critical age for a musician. It is enough to remember Alexander Bashlachev.

Curse of Tutankhamun. This curse is perhaps the most famous. They first talked about him when in April 1923, just two months after the opening of the pharaoh's tomb, Lord Carnarvon, who was the financial sponsor of the search, unexpectedly died at the age of 57 in Cairo. The cause of death was a mosquito, which caused blood poisoning and pneumonia. When Carnarvon passed away, the city's power grid suddenly went down and the lights went out all over Cairo. They say that at the same time the lord died and his beloved dog, who was in London. Strange is the fact that when Tutankhamun's mummy was deployed in 1925, there was a wound on the pharaoh's left cheek in the same place as Carnarvon's fatal bite. By 1929, eleven people associated with the opening of the tomb had died prematurely for unknown reasons. Among them were two relatives of Carnarvon, the personal secretary of Carter, who opened the tomb. One of the deceased, before jumping from the roof, left a note: “I can no longer withstand all these horrors and I do not see any more opportunities to do something good in my life. That is why I am leaving. " They say that on the wall of the open tomb there was an inscription that a quick death would befall the one who disturbed the peace of the pharaoh. However, later this inscription was not found. Today, journalists believe that there was no curse. Indeed, since the middle of the 19th century, mystical stories about the curses of the pharaoh have become fashionable. Shortly before the opening of the tomb, the novelist Mary McKay prophesied a terrible death to everyone who will visit it. Comparing the biographies of everyone who entered the tomb, opened it and worked with the mummy itself, it turns out that nothing special happened to those people.

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