Meaning of the name

Karl in translation from ancient German means "bold".


Since childhood, Karl has amazed everyone with his inner strength, he can be uncontrollable if he is not understood. Karl is an excellent student at school, winning awards at school Olympiads, and in all subjects. Teachers are afraid of Karl, try not to argue with him.

Karl is smart and wise, he knows how to unobtrusively lead people to make the decision he needs. However, it does not abuse this ability. Karl undoubtedly has many talents. He excels in both the arts and sciences.

Karl is popular and loved, but not always happy in love. But, if he achieves reciprocity, his marriage becomes a model for many.

Karl is able to make his beloved woman happy, with him his wife feels like a queen. Karl is a faithful and loving husband, a wonderful father. His wife often scolds him for the fact that children grow up practically without knowing the prohibitions.

Karl can excel in all walks of life. He knows how to quickly adapt, is hardworking, does not like to complain if something does not suit him at work, Karl simply and unobtrusively eliminates these shortcomings.


Karl associates love with selfless devotion to his beloved woman. In this feeling for him there is always an element of virginity, primordial purity, which is never cloudy even in moments of very strong passion.

Having met his chosen one, Karl builds an honest and equal alliance with her. He is very demanding, even fastidious, he cannot be in bed with just anyone, it is rather difficult to captivate him. He is able to sacrifice a lot in the name of only true love.

Karl will always warm his chosen one with warmth and protect her from all the hardships of life. If Karl realizes that he has met his future wife, he will show miracles of determination and will patiently wait until he leads her down the aisle.

After marriage, he does not lose his romantic interest, attraction and passion. He remains touchingly romantic and caring throughout his life together.

Unlike many men, Karl finds beautiful wrinkles on the face of his beloved, as well as other signs of age. With age, Karl becomes even more caring and loves even stronger and more devoted.


Dark red.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Leo, Virgo.


The sound of the name Karl does not have pronounced phonosemantic characteristics.

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