Meaning of the name

Clara translated from Latin means "clear", "light".


As a child, little Klara is distinguished by its slowness, calm, peaceful disposition. Obedient, benevolent, persevering, she usually studies well. Acquaintances note the similarity of her character with the character of her father.

Clara is very sociable, kind and agreeable, so she has many friends and acquaintances. She is patient and silent, she can pour out her soul and not be afraid that the secret will become known to someone or, even better, turn into gossip. Clara herself does not like "crying into her waistcoat" and can only talk about her problems with her family or very close people.

Usually Klara gets a higher education, tries to acquire a good specialty, in her choice following not the call of the soul and vocation, but a sober calculation, work should provide her independence and stability, confidence in the future. Can become a good teacher, engineer, doctor, make-up artist, musician, or run his own business, most likely related to trade.


Even in her youth, Clara avoids her peers, especially beautiful and too bright in appearance. The reason is simple - in men, she appreciates the spiritual world more, and not external flashiness and showiness. She herself dresses modestly and tastefully, choosing each thing for a long time and carefully. Her makeup is also quite moderate, only emphasizing the natural beauty.

Clara appreciates stability in relationships, she can experience true pleasure from intimacy only if she has a strong spiritual contact with her partner. Unfortunately, not having a developed intuition, she sometimes is not able to distinguish a community of interests and an outbreak of passion from a true affinity of souls and a truly deep feeling.

The physiological aspect of love games does not matter much for Klara, she is more impressed by the perhaps not too passionate, but sensitive, gentle and attentive partner. She is very suspicious and easily injured, so she needs a strong man who knows how to protect her and himself, who knows how to provide a good family.

Clara's family and home are in the foreground, she is a wonderful wife, a loving mother, but she is not always happy in marriage. However, for the sake of preserving the family, she is ready to sacrifice her own well-being and very rarely gives consent to a divorce, even less often she herself initiates a break in relations. A wonderful mother, with children (boys are most often born) she has established strong friendships.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Taurus.


The word Clara gives the impression of something angular, rough, courageous, cold, mobile.

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