Meaning of the name

Karina translated from Latin means "looking forward".


As a child, Karina is often sick, prone to allergies, so her parents often pamper her. She is emotional, capricious, touchy and very mobile. Karina studies well at school, diligently, attends a music school, and is engaged in dancing.

Karina is very good at pretending, which usually achieves whatever she wants. She is a skilled artist - even her parents believe.

Growing up, Karina only improves her artistic skills. She loves to be in the spotlight, loves when everyone discusses her life.

Karina is selfish and very jealous. She gets married early, usually for love, but not always successfully.

Karina, born in winter, is always unhappy with everything, especially her husband gets a lot of claims, which rarely does anyone withstand.

Karina, born in the summer, on the contrary, is kind, meek and patient. She is a good hostess. Her house is always open to guests.

Karina abuses sweets, which does not affect her figure at all. Charming, her beauty is not bright, rather she is very sweet. Karina loves a beautiful life and handsome, well-dressed men. Can work as a teacher, hairdresser, cook, social worker.


For Karina, a gentle kiss, an affectionate word and a whisper of love are an integral part of sexual pleasure. She is a sexually active woman, ready to take the initiative if her partner has not achieved the required degree of sexual arousal. Karina meets his wishes, she does everything to please her partner.

Karina loves erotic games, although she is slightly complex. She can be brought closer to sexual climax by gentle touches to the chest, stroking the body. During intimacy, she does not always feel free, but with a constant partner, she quickly approaches the climax.

Not all Karins are able to give in to their partner in sexual desire, these women are very receptive to new sensations.

For Karina, the setting where her meeting with a man takes place is of great importance: a cozy bedroom, soft light, pleasant smells, romantic music - these things have an exciting effect on her. It is important for Karine that nothing distracts her.

The slightest little thing can sober her up, she gets pleasure from intimacy only on the condition that everything else in her life is good. Joyful events, good luck inspire Karina and sexually.

Karina, born in the summer, is very vulnerable, she has strong emotional experiences during intimacy, her man needs to be especially sensitive with her on the eve of sexual intercourse, a careless word that seemed offensive to her can interfere with her satisfaction.


Red brown.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Leo, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Karin gives the impression of something mobile, bright, joyful.

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