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Ivanna is a derived form from the male Hebrew name John - "God has mercy".


From early childhood, Ivanna has shown a rather contradictory character. Usually girls with this name can combine modesty, and even a certain shyness, and sociability, perseverance and restlessness, kindness and toughness.

At school, Ivanna is a good student, however, she often conflicts with teachers. Her peers love and respect her, the boys consider her theirs in their company.

Growing up, Ivanna becomes a "mystery woman", the combination of the incompatible in her - strength and weakness, tenderness and anger - drives many men crazy.

Ivanna usually has a wide range of interests and hobbies, they take up a lot and they manage to bring a lot to the end. Ivanna is a difficult person in everyday life, however, she is extremely easy to communicate.

Ivanna can work as anyone, she is talented and easily masters any science, but she is not particularly confident in herself, considers herself not smart and capable enough. Ivanna is most often found among poets, flight attendants, doctors, merchandise experts.

Ivanna is a sincere woman, she is always aware of the affairs of her relatives and close friends. She strives to help everyone in word and deed. Ivanna is very fond of collecting noisy merry feasts. She is generous, loves and knows how to cook, no one leaves her hospitable home without eating.

Ivanna is fond of men's sports - football, ping-pong, fishing, tennis. She is a politically literate woman, however, she is sometimes overly fanatical about governing the country.

Ivana's husband is usually a sensitive, kind, intelligent person with angelic patience. He easily forgives her explosive nature, noisy holidays with breaking dishes. Ivana's husband knows how to unobtrusively stop a presumptuous political lady and quickly turn her into an affectionate domestic cat.

Ivanna values ​​marriage very much, but sometimes she can flirt with her husband's friends. Not jealous.


Ivanna knows how to subtly feel her man, guesses his desires and fears. Able to love infinitely and faithfully. She is a passionate person. Ivanna is a woman-volcano, her love flares up slowly, but, having flared up, does not go out for a very long time, warming her beloved with her warmth, and sometimes painfully burning.

For Ivanna, a lot depends on her mood: today she can be affectionate, gentle, burning with desire, and tomorrow - rude, angry, for no reason at all to push the man away. Ivanna, born in the summer, is most susceptible to sudden mood swings, her love is sensitive to the slightest trouble, any little thing can deprive her of peace of mind.

Ivanna is a very temperamental woman. In closeness, he seeks to dominate, to guide the behavior of a partner. However, fulfilling the role of the slave, her beloved is always sure that he is the leader.

No matter how long sexual intercourse lasts, Ivanna is able to quickly force a man to start all over again. After the intimacy, Ivanna loves to soak up, until the excitement of the experience has subsided, caressing her partner and listening to his gentle words.

Ivanna, born in winter, is proud and straightforward, she resolutely puts things in order in her personal affairs, rarely compromises. She is very demanding of a man.

Ivanna is impulsive and sensual, capable of recklessness in love.



A rock

Lapis lazuli.

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The sound of the name Ivanna gives the impression of something simple and light.


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