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Heraclius translated from ancient Greek means "the glory of Hera".


The rarity of the name gives Irakli significant pride. Usually, from childhood, a person with this name not only knows how to stand up for himself, but also has good inclinations as a leader.

He was a cheerleader and always climbs into the front rows, often beginning to show his sense of superiority in relation to peers. It is easy to guess that such a position has its downside, since such aspirations can arouse the discontent of others and cause their active resistance.

It won't take long to break down on this, as a result of which the energy of the name will change its sign to the exact opposite, and from a self-confident leader Irakli can turn into an extremely notorious person. However, such an unpleasant outcome is unlikely, Irakli is greatly rescued by the mobility and flexibility of his energy.

Irakli is a creative person. It would seem that everything should be easy for a bright, talented person. Indeed, he is one of the first in his studies, and he has no shortage of real friends, and beautiful girls look at him. But his life is not strewn with flowers, and Irakli has to achieve life success through great efforts, repeatedly proving his superiority.

Very often, meeting resistance on his way, Irakli, unlike his mythical namesake - Hercules, knows how to soberly assess his strength and is capable of a temporary retreat. Moreover, often, having got used to respect the strength of character from childhood, he begins to seek support from the powerful.

Good or bad, however, possessing a rather flexible analytical mind and diplomacy, Irakli in most cases has a reliable rear behind him, protecting him from many everyday catastrophes.

In general, the name is very favorable for a career, including in leadership positions. Here Irakli does not seem to know fatigue, and his energy often causes amazement. A diplomat and an excellent strategist and tactician, he is the blacksmith of his own happiness. However, in family life, the strength of his character may have far less favorable consequences.

Heraclius is distinguished by his enormous capacity for work: he is able to sit at his desk until late at night and get up vigorously with the first roosters. This is a vulnerable and emotional nature. He can react violently to injustice and not hold back tears of joy at the sight of someone else's happiness. He treats his loved ones with trepidation, experiencing constant concern for their fate.

Irakli is a man of his word, for which we are especially loved by friends. He will never promise something that he cannot surely fulfill. Obligatory and requires the same from others. He does not like to have empty conversations, although he is a wonderful interlocutor and storyteller. His speech is always logical and specific.

Heraclius is usually the father of daughters in whom he does not like a soul. But in the house, all household chores fall on the shoulders of the wife. Here, his fate can be greatly complicated by selfishness, and the desire for leadership can provoke many family quarrels and misunderstandings.

There is only one way to avoid this - to be more attentive and gentle to people, especially to those close to you. In this case, luck will not leave him. For Irakli, the main thing is his work.

People with this name can be found among journalists, surgeons, artists, actors, programmers.


Irakli is very sexy, able to evoke a response from any woman. Thanks to sex, he develops love and affection for a partner who meets all his requirements.

Heraclius is always attentive and considerate with his chosen one, tries to give her a lot of pleasure, this flatters his pride. He likes women who are relaxed, capable of arousing physical attraction in him, ready to make love at any moment.

Irakli is proud of his sexual capabilities, easily reacts to the slightest changes in his partner's mood. Patient and self-possessed, he will not let go of his dissatisfied girlfriend. A grateful and attentive lover, he gladly makes gifts to his beloved. An indispensable condition for his sexual attitude is comfort, a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.

Irakli begins sex early, often changes partners, analyzes every relationship, strives for perfection in sex. He is able to understand the psychology of a woman, adapt to any partner, but not with each he gets the maximum pleasure. Therefore, for a long time he chooses a permanent girlfriend for himself, corresponding to his ideal.

A feeling of sympathy for a woman can develop into true love only if physiological compatibility. He weighs the relationship with each partner, comparing them, draws conclusions and chooses someone or continues to search for a worthy girlfriend.

Irakli does not allow his partner to penetrate into his inner world, skillfully hides feelings and intentions. He is so naive to believe a woman, greedy for new impressions, never content with what he already has.

He does not tolerate pressure from his wife, he does everything at his own discretion. He is hospitable and loves noisy parties.



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The sound of the name Irakli gives the impression of something good, beautiful.

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