Meaning of the name

Scandinavian means "army", "strength". In the Old Russian language, this name received the meaning "guarding the name of God."


Even being widespread, the name Igor still remains very noticeable and expressive and largely determines the character of its owner.

In terms of energy, it is quite strong, but at the same time there is a certain isolation in it. If the name does not have a certain softness, this could lead to significant internal tensions, and so Igor's energy is in balance, which makes him a rather mobile and active person.

It should be noted that if Igor prefers to call himself Gosha, then his character is more noticeably balanced and calm. In the case of joint affairs with Igor, work will be more effective if you clearly distribute tasks among yourself and give each other more freedom of action.

Little Igori are lively and active children. The parents of these boys are often called to school (more about "winter" ones); they are capable, especially in mathematics. They love to sleep in the morning; they often have sore throats, which may be why they are irritable and stubborn.

They go in for sports, and the "winter" ones achieve great success, even becoming Olympic champions. Outwardly they look like a mother, and in character - like a father. Mostly they are patient, although some of them, despite their abilities, never graduate from either institute or technical school. However, many succeed in life by becoming scientists and good leaders. Igor has many close friends.

Igori reveals their talent after thirty years. They are proud and achieve everything with their own labor. They do not like unnecessary people, although they themselves are by no means a model of obligation.

Igori are jealous to self-forgetfulness, in marriage they always strive to be leaders and demand from the wife that she does everything as they think. Men who bear this name seem to be woven from contradictions: they are stubborn, but at the same time they easily adapt to circumstances, quickly converge with people and just as quickly part, are prudent in deeds and actions, and can dream up.

They have a well-developed analytical mind. They become good theorists, but not practitioners. Easy to lift. Ihori's profession is engineers and turners, lawyers and actors, drivers and journalists, teachers and musicians.


Igor is a very complex person, in sex he is an idealist and romantic, he appreciates consistency. In intimate relationships, he seeks perfection and rushes from one mistress to another.

Igor needs a certain level of comfort in love, he is sensitive to the external environment, to various smells. Often he suffers from unrequited love and marries, trying to get rid of the turmoil.

The desire for sexual harmony in him develops into a strong impulse. He knows how to make gifts to his beloved.

He has a fairly common sense and a great sense of humor, which saves him in moments of disappointment. He is very passionate, sincere and direct in his desires, it is not difficult for a woman to gain the upper hand over him.

In the first marriage, an intimate relationship with his wife does not always develop well. In sex, Igor is very diplomatic, he can persuade a woman to have sexual intercourse so skillfully and imperceptibly that she herself does not understand how it happened.

Igor loves luxury, shine; he is able to go on a journey, have an affair there, often with a pretty foreign woman, knowing that this cannot have consequences, but he always returns home on time, does not lose his head.

Igor is emotional, he can have two or three mistresses at the same time, assigning them different days of the week for intimate meetings.

In marriage, he is docile and compliant, values ​​his family, but his wife often, and not without reason, is jealous of him. His family life would be quite happy if he did not feel excessive attraction to other women. It is difficult for him to cope with his passion, this often leads to divorce.


Navy blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign

A lion.


The sound of the name Igor gives the impression of something good, bright, joyful.

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