Male Hungarian names

Abel the shepherd
Agoston - Venerable
Adam - earth
Adorjan - of Hadriya
Akos - white falcon
Almos - dreamy, sleepy
Alfred - Elf Meeting
Ambrus - immortal
Anasztaz - recovery
Andor - man, warrior
Andras - man, warrior
Andris - man, warrior
Antal - invaluable
Arisztid - excellence
Aron - high mountain
Arpad is the seed
Arthur - Legendary King Arthur
Attila - little father

Balazs - lisping
Balint - healthy, strong
Bundy - man, warrior
Barna is the son of exhortation
Barnabas - Son of Exhortation
Bartal - son of Talmay
Barto - son of Talmay
Bartos - son of Talmay
Bela - white
Benjamin - son of the southern
Benedek - the blessed one
Bens - Conquest
Bernat - bold as a bear
Bertalan - son of Talmay
Bertok is a bright raven
Boldizzar - protecting the king

Wenckel - More Glory
Vida - life
Wheely - helmet
Vilmos - helmet
Vince - Conquest
Virag - flower

Gabi is the strong man of God
Gabor - the strong man of God
Gabriel is a strong man of god
Gazsey - cherish the bearer
Gasztav - meditator
Gaspar - cherish the bearer
Gioso - champion, winner
Giorgi - a peasant
Gyula - soft-bearded
Gyuri - a peasant

Desso - great desire
Demeter - earth lover
Denes - follower of Dionysus
Jakab - the oppressor
Jacob is the oppressor
Jani is a good god
Janica is a good god
Janxi - good god
Janos is a good god
Jeza - Button
Gellert - spear, brave
Jenki - Well Born
Geno - Well Born
Jergo - cautious, alert
Jerjeli - careful, vigilant
Joseph - he will multiply
Jossie - he will multiply
Jossua - God - Salvation
Joska - he will increase
Domonkos - owned by the lord
Domotor - loving the earth
Donat - given (by God)
David is the sweetheart
Daniel - God is my judge

Zoltan - Sultan

Ignac - ignorance
Izsak - he will laugh
Ills - god is my god
Imr - the power of work
Imrus - the power of work
Istvan - Crowned

Kazmer - famous, great destroyer
Kalman - pigeon
Karksi is a human
Karoli is a man
Kelemen - gentle and merciful
Ear - lame
Konrad - a daring meeting
Constantine - steady
Cornelle - horn
Christian is the bearer of the cross
Christophe - the bearer of the cross

Lajos is a famous warrior
Lazar - my god helped
Lucky - rules with glory
Laszlo - rules with glory
Levent - Governor, leading
Levy - Governor leading
Lexo - Governor leading
Lorand is a famous land
Lorant is a famous land
Lorink - from Lorentum
Lukax - from Lucania

Mark - militant
Marseille - warlike
Marton - from Mars
Mate - a gift from God
Mathias - a gift from God
Mizi - who is like god?
Miklos - victory of the people
Mixa is the biggest
Bowl - Who Is Like God?
Mikhali - who is like God?
Morik - black, Moor
Moses - born, son

Nandor - Ready To Ride
Nicolaa - victory of the people

Odi - protector of prosperity
Odon - protector of prosperity
Orban is a city dweller
Osskar - a lover of deer
Otto is rich

Pal - small
Patrick is a nobleman
Petit - rock, stone
Pista - Crowned
Pisti - Crowned
Peter - rock, stone

Ricard - powerful and brave
Richard is powerful and brave
Robert - famous
Roby - famous

Salamon is a man of peace
Sami - God listened
Sandor - Defender of Humanity
Saniy is the protector of humanity
Sebastien - From Sebaist, a city in Asia Minor
Szilard - Solid
Szilveszter - Out of the Woods
Samuel - God listened

Tamas is a twin
Tibor - from the Tiber (river)
Tibork - from the Tiber (river)
Tivadar - a gift from God
Todor - a gift from God
Tomi is a twin
Tony is invaluable

Fabian - as Fabius
Fabo - like Fabius
Ferenk - free
Feri - free
Ferko - free
Fredek is a peaceful ruler
Phrygiez is a peaceful ruler
Phrygies is a peaceful ruler
Fulop is a horse lover

Zsiga - defender of victory
Zsigmond - Victory Defender
Tssolt - Sultan

Aegied - child, young goat
Edward is the guardian of prosperity
Edward is the guardian of prosperity
Elek - protector
Elias - god is my god
Emanuel - God - with us
Enr - man, warrior
Erno - the fighter against death

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