Female Gali names

Aoibhinn - beautiful, fair
Aoif - beauty

Bernas - bringing victories
Blaanid - small flower
Bryid - Exalted
Breed - Exalted
Brigid - Exalted
Bridin - exalted

Gormlate - Lady, Princess

Damnate - a small deer
Deirbhile - the poet's daughter
Deairidh - pilgrim
Doirinn - stormy weather

Isibil - God is my oath
Ilaseid - god is my oath

Kaiorsdan - Follower of Christ
Kayorstag - follower of Christ
Kaiorsteidh - Follower of Christ
Kaoimh - beautiful
Katreina - pure
Katrain - pure
Katrina is pure
Kersteidh - Follower of Christ
Kiannate - Ancient, Distant
Kathryn is pure

Liadan - the gray lady
Liadane - the gray lady

Marsailly - Warlike
Medb - poisoning
Mibh - poisoning
Midhbh - poisoning
Mor - big
Muadnate - Little Noblewoman
Mayor - sweetheart
Marenn is the sweetheart
Marin - sweetheart
Marsile - Warlike
Murgil - marine, bright
Muren - sweetheart

Naomh - saint
Neil is a nickname for Eleanor, Ellen and Helen
Niamh - beauty, brightness
Nuala - White Shoulder

Oairig - new, colorful
Odharnate - a little painful
Orlate - the golden princess
Orfhlate - the golden princess

Sadb - sweet
Sadhbh - sweet
Saive - sweet
Sile is blind
Sain is a good god
Cyofra - elf
Saoirs - freedom
Sarade is excellent
Sale - blind
Sein is a good god
Seonag is a good god
Seonaid - good god
Sybil is god is my oath
Siebhfhayonn - fair
Silis - Blind
Sinid is a good god
Sorcha - shining

Tisag - good god
Tuilelate - Princess of Plenty
Tailflate - Princess of Plenty

Una - lamb

Fine - grapevine
Fiona - the vine
Fayonnaguala - White Shoulder
Fayonnguala - white shoulder
Fayonnuala - white shoulder
Feidhelm - good
Fidelma is good
Finnguala - white shoulder
Frangag - free

Ebha - live
Eibhlin is a small bird
Eilidh - torch, moon or secretly escape
Eilinora - foreign, different
Eilis - God is my oath
Eilish - God is my oath
Eirik - new, colorful
Eirinn - the world
Eithn - core
Eitrigue - new, colorful
Eilis is a noble species
Aislin is a dream seen
Eisling - dream, vision
Aislinn - dream, vision
Eytbhrik - new, colorful
Eitn - core
Eitnea - core
Emer - Ready, Fast
Etn - core
Ashling - dream, vision

Yubh - live
Yubha - live
Yuna the lamb

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