Meaning of the name

Galaktion in translation from the ancient Greek means "milk".


As a child, Galaktion is a cheerful, sociable, very active and artistic boy. He has good health, a kind and loving son. Galaktion always has many friends and girlfriends.

Growing up, Galaktion does not lose his acting talent, on the contrary, he tries to apply it if necessary. Outwardly, Galaktion is calm and accommodating, but it is almost impossible to guess what is behind this mask.

He always keeps his opinion to himself, does not like to talk a lot, mainly listens and analyzes. He is patient, used to achieve everything himself, both in his career and in his personal life.

Galaktion is constantly supported by numerous friends and patrons. He is a very good psychologist, he can easily find and use the most secret weaknesses of a person for his own purposes. He is sensitive and sympathetic, he is loved and respected by all his friends and acquaintances.

Galaktion can handle any job with ease, as it is endowed with many talents and abilities.


Galaktion knows his own worth, loves female company. He feels like a fish in water among women. Galaktion is not used to conquering them, usually women themselves seek his love. He directs most of his life energy to achieve other goals.

For her next chosen one, Galaktion can cause a certain feeling of annoyance and powerlessness, because, despite a great desire, she is not able to completely master him. All her efforts fail, because in the hierarchy of values ​​of the Galaktion, a woman is not at the highest level. The concept of fidelity has little meaning to him.

His wife usually plays the role of the silent escort in public. In the family, it is she who pushes Galaktion to make the right decisions. Galaktion is a very passionate and gentle lover, with strong erotic emotions, clearly separating love from sex.

In marriage, he sees sex as a means of replenishing strength and distracting from everyday problems. When planning to marry, Galaktion chooses a wife for a long time, taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages. He is an adherent of love by calculation, not material calculation, but rather spiritual.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Galaktion gives the impression of something strong, beautiful.

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