Meaning of the name

Flor in Latin means "blooming". The colloquial form of the name is Frol, the simple form is Fleur.


Little Flor loves to come up with different stories, fantasize and tell about imaginary adventures to parents and friends who listen to him with rapture. Men with this name combine good imagination and creative thinking with logic and rational thinking, which often helps them in life.

Flor is an emotional and sensitive person, his vulnerability and sensitivity, inherent in him since childhood, remain with him for life. He reacts violently to insults or manifestations of injustice towards himself or his loved ones, remembers for a long time about the suffering caused to him, but takes revenge very rarely.

When Flor is offended and annoyed, he can make rash decisions, which he may later regret. Flora sometimes needs to rely more on common sense, not succumbing to emotions, because enemies often use this "weapon" against him.

Flor is always considerate and gentle towards his friends and family, he does not like quarrels and tries to settle differences by any means. In marriage, they are unlucky, often they are harmed by their excessive kindness.

They are champions of justice, they will always protect their colleagues from the arbitrariness of their superiors. Wherever they work, friends are everywhere around them. Whatever business they undertake, they will bring it to the end. Good sons, although the relationship with the mother is not easy.

They are inquisitive, have a special fondness for adventure literature and are good at pen themselves; there are writers among them. They never impose their opinions. In general, these are very extraordinary people.


Flor gets to know his first woman rather late. He is somewhat impractical, delicate (especially born in the summer), if he is capable of adultery, then having lived with his wife for many years. It happens that only by the age of forty does he begin to realize his sexual capabilities and comprehend what other men knew in his youth.

Having discovered for himself the fullness of the sensations that sex can give, he gets rid of his previously idealized intimate relationships and begins to lead an intense sex life. However, his extraordinary temperament may remain unfulfilled.



A rock

White agate.

Zodiac sign

Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo.


The sound of the name Flor gives the impression of something strong, rough, round, slow.

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