Finnish female names

Aamu - morning
Aina is the only one
Ainu is the only one
Akka is an old lady
Aliisa - noble kind
Allie is a noble species
Annacca - benefit, grace
Anna-lisa is goodness, grace, and god is my oath
Anneli - benefit, grace
Annie - good, grace
Anniina - benefit, grace
Annikki - benefit, grace
Ansa - dignity
Anu - benefit, grace

Vanamo - flower - twin
Wappu - ruler of the fortress
Warpu - berry bush
Vellamo - the name of the cruel goddess of the sea
Venla the wanderer
Viivo - live
Vilhelmiina - helmet
Wine - delicate
Vera - faith, truth
Vuokko - anemone flower

Jaana - sweetheart
Jenny is good god
Josephine - multiplying
Jane is a good god

Willow - alive
Evie - alive
Iida - work
Iines - chaste, saint
Ilmaytar - air
Ilona - torch, moon or secretly escape
Ilta - night
Impi - virgin
Inca - Frontline
Inkeri - beautiful
Irja - a peasant woman
Irika - ruler

Kaarina - pure
Kakka - flower
Caroline is a man
Kata - pure
Katya is clean
Katri - pure
Katriina is pure
Kerttu - the power of the spear
Killy is a woman
Killikki - woman
Kilo - the valley of the lilies
Kirsi is a follower of Christ
Kirsty is a follower of Christ
Kristiina is a follower of Christ
Kage - pure
Keisa - clean
Catariina - pure

Lahja - a gift
Lempie - love
Lydia - from Lydia
Liisi - god is my oath
Liina is a human
Liisa - God is my oath
Liiti - from Lydia
Lina is a woman Magdala
Loviisa is a famous warrior
Luhi - magic

Maarika - beloved
Maarite - pearl
Maaria - sweetheart
Marja is the sweetheart
Mardjaana - beloved
Marjakka - beloved
Marjatta is the sweetheart
Marjo - sweetheart
Marjut is the beloved
Maritta - pearls
Marquette - pearls
Martta is a lady
Matlina - from Magdala
Mary - sea
Meenah - helmet
Miya - beloved
Milikki - opinion
Mimmy - helmet
Mintu - mint
Mirja - beloved
Mirjami - beloved
Meija - sweetheart

Niina - benefit, grace
Nura - honor, valor

Oili - successful, successful
He is chaste, holy
Orvokki - effeminate flower

Pellervo - region
Pereeta - pearls
Piia - devout
Pilvi - cloud
Pirjo - exalted
Pyritta - Exalted
Pirkko - Exalted
Polyina - small
Pave - day
Pawey - day

Raakel - sheep
Riika - the peaceful ruler
Riikka - the peaceful ruler
Riina is clean
Riitta - Exalted
Ritva - birch branch
Ritta - pearls
Roha - peace

Saara - princess
Sari - princess
Satu is a fable
Seija - serene
Senja - hospitable
Shizu - definite
Siiri - a beautiful victory
Silvi - from the forest
Silja - blind
Blue - blue
Sinikka - blue
Sirpa - small fragment
Sisko - sister
Sulli - princess
Sokhvi - wisdom
Stiina is a follower of Christ
Suvi - summer
Suoma - Finland
Sade - light beam

Tarja - rich, rich
Taru - myth, legend
Takhti is a star
Teija is a gift from God
Terhi - acorn
Terenetar - acorn
Tiin - calm, serene
Tiina is a follower of Christ
Tiya - a gift from God
Toini is invaluable
Tuija - cedar
Tuula - wind
Tuuli - wind
Tuulikki - a little wind
Teika - magic
Taimi is a young tree
Thane is the father

Fredriika - ruler
Fredriikka - the peaceful ruler

Hannah - kind, merciful
Hannel - God is kind
Helka - successful, successful
Hella - tender
Helmi - pearl
Henna - House Ruler
Henriikka - House Ruler
Khilja - silence
Hillevy is a healthy fight

Eveliina is a small bird
Eleonura - foreign, different
Elyina - torch, moon or secretly escape
Eliisa - God is my oath
Elina - torch, moon or secretly escape
Ellie is foreign, different
Esteri is a star

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