Families of Moldova

A family is created by young spouses, and it depends only on them how their relationship will develop in the future. All that depends on the parents is to give their parental blessing, to organize a wedding, which will be the first step for the young in their new independent family life.

The best development of a new family can only be if parents put as little pressure as possible on the young and do not overwhelm them with their advice. However, this is only possible if the young spouses start their life together in a separate home.

Shared housing is, in many cases, again the help of parents. An independent start of life together, a separate home - all this was possible many years ago, when, as a gift for a wedding or as a dowry, parents could provide young people with their own home and initial economy.

The dowry was part of ritual activities in many countries where all traditions were observed for a long time. However, at present, opportunities to prepare a rich dowry are not always enough, so a lot has to be changed, and very often young couples stay to live with their parents for a long time.

All this applies to almost every country, except, perhaps, Asian countries, where it is simply impossible to break customs. Moldova is no exception, this is exactly the country in which the observance of all customs and rituals was very strictly monitored. For their children, parents prepared a fairly rich dowry, both from the side of the bride and from the side of the groom.

A Moldovan wedding is just an incredibly bright holiday, full of all kinds of national traditions, and nowadays some of them have to be excluded, because views on the modern world are changing.

However, despite this, Moldovan weddings are held on a grand scale, and even those traditions that have remained can show how important this holiday is for every Moldovan.

For Moldovans, marriage is not just the creation of a new family, it is a complete change in social status, when a person goes from single to married. The same applies, for example, to the age of Moldovans, when the transition from youth to youth is carried out, and so on.

If Russian weddings are basically marriage registration and a wedding feast, then the most important thing for Moldovans is to show everyone the whole marriage proposal process, which should be accompanied by traditional rituals.

Show all people the love of young people, the most important moment in their life, when they take each other's consent to marry. With such customs, no wedding, of course, can do without matchmaking.

Matchmaking among Moldovans is quite original and there is no such custom in any other country. Matchmakers do not engage in long conversations, but come in order to say the most eulogistic speeches addressed to the bride's parents, these can be songs, fables, in which they sing about the love of two young people and the like. Here you will not find boring speeches that are characteristic of other national traditions.

In addition to matchmaking in Moldova, the betrothal process is also important, when various contests and games are arranged for young people. For example, one of the interesting customs for young people is when they have to look for wedding rings in plates or cups with grain, after which they must exchange rings. After this process, the young may already be called the bride and groom.

Those customs that are associated with the transfer of the bride's dowry are currently not relevant in Moldova, but they are not completely excluded from the wedding plan, they have only been slightly changed and now the transfer of the dowry takes place in the form of another game for young people and guests.

Of course, like all weddings, a Moldovan wedding is held with songs, dances, congratulations and so on. As for dances, the participation of national dance ensembles, which perform in national costumes, is typical for a Moldovan wedding. If it is not possible to invite professional dancers, then the guests themselves start dancing, dressed in their best costumes.

Moldavian dances are so catchy that they can tempt absolutely everyone present to dance too. Songs are also a special case, because at a Moldovan wedding, all songs are dedicated only to the young, to love and family. Each of the guests should express their wishes to the young, wish them happiness and wealth.

Among all this variety of cheerful dances and songs, one rite stands out, which Moldovans must preserve for many years. This is a dance that makes sense for the young, for the bride and parents. A dance in which girls represent the moment of dressing the bride. At this time, a young girl says goodbye to all her past, friends, parents and home, which she leaves in order to live with her husband.

All the actions of the girls who surrounded the bride are accompanied by a song in which it is sung about how a young girl will yearn for all her relatives and friends. A touching moment that shows how difficult it is to leave home, to part with youth, in order to enter a new, adult life.

After all the entertainment, dances, songs, all the customs that must be observed, a festive wedding feast awaits all guests. The wedding table at the wedding of Moldovans is always very rich.

The transition to a festive feast suggests that the young have now become a real married couple and have moved to a new social status - spouses. At the table, congratulations and praises continue to sound in honor of the young, who will always be together.

A noisy and cheerful feast can drag on for a long time, but for the young, a few more rituals may be in store, which are not always used now, but they were very popular several years ago. These are ceremonies associated with the first wedding night, with the designation of the status of the mistress of the house for the young wife, and many others.

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