Families of Gibraltar

When a country has its own customs and traditions, it shows how much each of the nationalities relates to their country. The more traditions are preserved, the more respect the inhabitants have for their land, their roots and their ancestors.

However, there are also small countries that were formed at the expense of immigrants, where there was a simple mixture of several cultures and traditions, these cultures have mixed and changed.

In this case, it turns out that the new country does not have its own customs, but also people from other countries forever lose all their knowledge, their characteristic features and traditions and customs inherent only to their nation.

Such a definition can be given to Gibraltar, a very small state, in which a little more than thirty thousand people live.

The main inhabitants of Gibraltar are English and Spanish and families also make up a larger percentage of mixed Anglo-Spanish families. A rather strange combination turns out not only in the public, but also in family life, because these two nations are completely different from one another. Still, the inhabitants of Gibraltar have adapted to life so much that the difference between the two nations, opposite in mentality, is not felt at all.

Gibraltar is a young country that has very easily adapted to life in the new environment. Being a housewife or participating in social activities is a personal choice for each of the women.

The predominance of Spanish blood and culture is much higher, because the Spaniards have always been distinguished by their temperament and self-confidence. As a result, the stiffness of the British is somewhat lost in this case. This led to the fact that men retained their authority in the family, but their parents and especially mothers, to whom men obey, have great power over them.

The relationship between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law is always very friendly and they spend a lot of time together. They can discuss any topic and even personal relationships, when the younger generation always listens to the wise advice of their elders.

The mixing of nationalities softened such a moment as insane Spanish jealousy and there are no problems in families here when men throw scandals on their wives, suspecting them of all possible sins. There are no talks about divorces in Gibraltar at all, because the population is not very large, and if there were also private divorces, it would begin to decline sharply.

There is no strict regulation in Gibraltar for young people to live separately from their parents. If there is an opportunity, then of course the young family goes to their personal home, and will live the way they want it. However, if this is not possible, then parents are not at all opposed to their children always being there.

Providing mutual assistance is another plus in family relationships. Children and parents in Gibraltar can turn to each other for help and support at any time. Grandparents take great pleasure in raising their grandchildren and are not at all opposed to grandchildren spending a lot of time with them.

In general, the relationship to children is special, because love for children here borders on boundless happiness, when children are allowed absolutely everything. It is simply impossible to see a crying child in Gibraltar, because not only parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles pamper him, but also everyone who may meet walking parents along the way.

For children, any whim, any desire is fulfilled, parents and relatives will first of all think about pleasing the baby and only then about themselves. Parents can look at the kid for a long time, who is already beyond the bounds of decency and begins to simply bully. No comments will be made on this matter. Such upbringing can spoil the character of the child and for most countries such upbringing is unacceptable.

However, in Gibraltar, parents believe that the child will grow up the way he should become and does not matter, raised him in strictness or allowed him to behave as he wants. It is worth noting that they turn out to be right, because children during their childhood have complete freedom and enjoy it in full force.

However, over time, they acquire individuality, and their character is formed. There has never been such a case that an uneducated person, a rude person who lives only for his own pleasure, grows out of a child who is too free.

For such a small country, children's education is at a very high level, and each child can receive a complete education if desired. Moreover, almost every resident of the country has a higher education. It can be obtained in other countries, but the most important thing is that people have a very strong desire for education.

A quiet and calm life in a small country with its own foundations, albeit not as old as those of most countries, allows you to create rather strong and stable families. Kinship and family ties are stronger than anywhere else. Many children, of course, can leave their parental home and go to work in other countries, but nevertheless, the connection is not lost or broken in any case. Families spend holidays and weekends together as one big family.

Perhaps if all countries were so small and families everywhere would be much stronger, and life would be quieter. However, everything depends to a large extent on the people themselves, who themselves create conditions for comfortable living and set the rules for the family themselves.

Each person himself should know how important it is for him to have a strong and friendly family, which will become strong and always ready to help each family member. People who are ready to see their family as perfect will strive to create such a relationship.

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