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Bahrain, where the main religion is Islam and the political system is a constitutional monarchy, is rightfully considered the most democratic and tolerant among the neighboring Arab states. Bahrain has the highest standard of living among the Gulf countries, as the main source of income is oil.

This amazing country of eternal summer combines rapid economic development, the preservation of traditional aspects of Arab culture and adherence to the canons of the Islamic religion. In addition, the family and social life of Bahraini people is still strongly influenced by the historical traditions of tribal society.

It should be borne in mind that more than half of the population of Bahrain is foreigners. Perhaps it was this fact that influenced the fact that representatives of other religions and nationalities in Bahrain are treated quite loyally, without fanaticism inherent in neighbors who also preach Islam.

Of course, like their neighbors, Bahraini people do not eat pork, do not drink alcohol, and smoking is not prohibited, although not approved, even following the example of America and Europe, a policy of ridding society of this bad habit is being pursued. The harm of smoking is explained not only by the canons of the Quran, but also by harm to health.

Family for a typical Bahraini is not just in the first place, family is both a hobby, a job, and the best component of life, although you should not ask a Bahraini about how his wife's health is, he will not understand such a question, he will consider you at least tactless and impolite ...

Following the traditions of Islam, many women in Bahrain wear clothing that completely covers the entire body from head to toe. Men gladly put on national clothes, consisting of a white shirt, white trousers and a cloak, as well as a headscarf, which is difficult to do without in a hot climate under the scorching sun.

However, no one persecutes or prohibits the wearing of modern clothes, although too revealing outfits are not welcome. Such a calm attitude towards appearance for adherents of the Islamic religion most likely comes from the historical family structure.

Traditionally, husbands in Bahrain left for a long time to dig for pearls, which is still famous all over the world, and in the absence of men, wives simply had no one to hide from under impenetrable veils.

The wife, of course, is considered the keeper of the hearth and housekeeping is a purely female affair, as well as raising children, but if the husband dares to offend his wife, the whole family, numerous relatives, both from the wife's side and from the husband's side, will defend her.

Changing a spouse or spouse in Bahrain simply does not come to mind, where for religious reasons pornography and other debauchery inherent in unfaithful people is prohibited.

Bahraini people will do anything for the well-being and prosperity of their families, but they will arrange happiness and prosperity for their loved ones, that is, their wives and children. In addition, it is customary in Islam to help relatives and other members of the community, so that no one is left in trouble or alone with their problems.

Perhaps that is why the standard of living is so high in this state, where both Western tourists and residents of neighboring Arab states, which are more religiously conservative, tend to go.

By the way, about tourism. Since it is very developed in Bahrain, there is a great variety of restaurants and restaurants in all the few cities, there is a traditional cuisine, and Indian and European.

However, absolutely all the chefs in all restaurants are men, and not because women are unworthy of this position, but because the Bahraini cannot allow a woman to spend the whole day near a hot stove.

This is the attitude that reigns in family life, their wives are cherished and cherished, although a man will never take care of household chores, this is not his business. As for the wedding, as an event marking the emergence of a new family, it is she who most fully shows the traditions and Bahrain customs.

The fact is that if in everyday clothes European clothes are preferred, especially in cities, then festive events, and especially weddings, force Bahraini people of all ages to dress exclusively in folk costumes.

The whole village is present at the village wedding, and more than fifty guests gather in the city. Separate tables are set up for men and women, the celebrations last for several days, during which there is a religious ceremony and a feast for relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Women celebrate the event separately, arranging their own entertainment, but not forgetting to set and decorate tables for men. Before the ceremony, henna patterns are painted on the bride's hands and feet, each of which has its own meaning and symbolism, while Islam requires unquestioning obedience to her husband, in Bahrain the wife leaves her maiden name after the wedding.

Women enjoy greater freedom in this country than in the neighboring countries along the Gulf, even the desire for knowledge among the female population is not condemned, but rather encouraged. Parents are very proud if their children are getting higher education, no matter who, sons or daughters.

If a woman wants to work, then, as a rule, she is not hindered here either, although there are primordially male professions where women are not allowed, nevertheless, there are women both in management bodies and in business.

However, the family traditionally comes first in Bahrain. Regardless of gender, the residents of Bahrain consider family relations and marriage to be the main value in life.

With all the freedoms incredible for the Islamic world, appearing in public places in unsuitable clothes, demonstratively drinking alcohol, disrespecting religion and the older generation in Bahrain are considered unacceptable behavior, therefore, the attitude towards such people will be very negative, therefore no one is trying to break customs.

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