Families of Albania

Speaking about the modern world, one can notice that practically the same thing happens in all Muslim countries. Young girls and men strive to break free from the captivity of traditions and customs and start living the same way as Europeans.

Naturally, such a desire is understandable, and it should be supported in the sense that we should all keep up with the times, and not be in the same darkness in which our ancestors and possibly our parents and grandparents lived.

However, all the same, the desire to start a new life most often leads to the fact that all ideas about a normal and full-fledged family break down, traditions that have been preserved for many years are lost. This is still disrespect for our ancestors and the older generation, who diligently passed on their knowledge to us.

Nobody disputes the fact that many Muslim laws are very categorical and strict, but Islam is one of the most ancient religions and one should appreciate what has been preserved for so long. However, if you look into different countries and pay attention to the customs of the Muslim family, then there are quite serious differences between one or another nation.

In no country is there such a custom as in Albania, which boils down to the fact that women take a vow of celibacy, remain virgins for their entire lives and replace a man in the family. Considering that Muslims treat women in a peculiar way, this custom really goes beyond understanding.

The thing is that Albania throughout its history has always been in a state of war with neighboring states. Naturally, in every family there was a problem of a shortage of men who would take on all the serious work that requires physical strength.

Albanian families were numerous, so the absence of a man was very noticeable. In order to put things in order in a family where there are only women who begin to complain about a difficult fate, it is necessary that there must be someone in the house with a very strong character and spirit.

Such a situation in the Albanian family, when strong men participate in hostilities, has led to the fact that there was such a custom that one of the eldest women in the family decides to remain virgin for life, not to marry and take on male responsibilities in the family.

All male work falls on the shoulders of this woman, who completely changes her lifestyle. She starts wearing men's clothes, cuts her hair and even her character becomes more solid.

From the outside - this is an ordinary man, strong, courageous, ready to solve any problem, who does everything so that the family does not need anything. There is no question of any gender reassignment here and that a large percentage of male hormones simply play in a woman. This is completely irrelevant, because this is an independent choice of a woman who deprives herself of all the joys of life.

In close communication, he is a very interesting, sociable person who is always ready to support the conversation. You can talk about anything with these Albanian women, and she is always ready to listen. These women remain to fulfill the role of men in the family until the end of their days, and all other family members obey them precisely as the master of the house.

Such women look at the modern world not so much with disapproval, just with some distrust. Modern youth in Albania does not adhere to those rules and customs that have not been canceled at all.

The freedom that today's youth gains is being used too much by many women. Young people who have been raised in abstinence for a long time are now succumbing to their passion and committing one foolishness after another.

The relationship to marriage and family, which has always been of great importance for the Albanians, goes to the very last plan. First, they think only about their desires and needs, and only then about the fact that it is still necessary to comply with the norms.

At a time when premarital relationships were prohibited, there was more trust in the family. Nowadays, the more connections a man and a woman had, the more distrust they feel towards each other.

Many young people can live together for a very long time before deciding to get married, or simply disagree, because there is no understanding between them. The modern world is corrupting young people who understand everything in the literal sense and go over all the boundaries of prohibitions.

The freedom that has been given to women in Albania today is very attractive to women themselves. Many women, brought up according to traditions, initially succumb to the opportunities and temptations that open up before them, but after some time they realize that all the same old traditions and customs bind the family much more tightly than freedom in relationships and permissiveness.

Nowadays it is very difficult to bring back what it was a few years ago, because young people have felt the difference. Previously, not a single young Albanian or Albanian woman could even think of connecting his life with a person of a different nationality, of a different mentality. It is necessary that the spouses fit each other with an inner world, which today they do not pay attention to at all, succumbing to a second outburst of passion.

There are also Albanian families in which women dominate instead of men and they try to protect their families from what is happening, trying to remind them of national and spiritual traditions. They do their best, although this is not always possible and sometimes the younger generation gets out of control.

However, such families still have much less freedom and relationship problems, because each family member carefully preserves what is associated with family values ​​and traditions.

Everyone can observe from the outside, which can sometimes lead to too much freedom in thought and action, when the satisfaction of one's needs comes first. It is worth pondering whether it is really necessary to immediately rush into the pool with your head when the world reveals so many things.

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