The most disastrous tapes of Hollywood

The entertainment industry is paying incredible dividends. It is headed by the mighty "Hollywood". Lists of masterpieces that have brought the creators hundreds of millions of dollars are on everyone's lips - this is Avatar and Titanic. But not all projects of the "dream factory" are far from successful. It is enough to dig a little in the encyclopedia to find the grandiose financial failures of Hollywood.

Many of us have not even heard about these films, let alone seen them. Prices will be indicated taking into account inflation.

"Island of Thugs", 1995. Hollywood suffered a whopping $ 147 million in losses on this film. Today, no one even remembers about the film company Carolco Pictures, meanwhile it was she who gave us Terminator 2 and Rambo. But "Island of Thugs" became the studio's tombstone. The film "earned" the laurels of the most disastrous project in the history of cinema, getting in this nomination even in the "Guinness Book of Records". It's hard to understand what caused such a loud failure. The film turned out to be quite a sturdy, literate, and action-packed adventure ride by all standards. "Island of thugs", however, does not shine with an abundance of stars. Gina Davis alone was not enough to attract a mass audience. The story about pirates turned out to be not the worst, it is enough to compare it with the second and third parts of "Pirates of the Caribbean", while pretending that Johnny Depp is in itself, and the film is in itself. Large budget based on expensive aquatic surveys. Carolco Pictures invested 115 million in the tape, but raised only 10. The producers suddenly remembered that just 4 years ago, pirates brought a loss even to Spielberg with his "Captain Hook". After that, no one dared to shoot an expensive movie about pirates in Hollywood. The taboo and black mark on this topic were removed only with the release of the famous saga about Jack Sparrow.

"Alamo", 2004. Losses from this painting amounted to $ 135 million. And the Americans have their own Brest fortress - the Alamo fort. The story goes that in this fortress a couple of hundred Texans repulsed the raid of the vicious Mexicans, fighting to the last bullet. But how could a colorful movie about the wild West, guns, guns, banners and horse battles fail? It's just that in this top ten "Alamo" appears as the most unbearably helpless, nondescript and defective canvas. The first hour and a half, the viewer can hardly endure, listening to the senseless and full of feigned tragedy monologues of the heroes. Everyone is waiting for the main thing - the battle! And when it passes, you don't even understand it right away. Critics believe that it was in "Alamo" that the worst battle scenes were staged, even in the second "Chronicles of Narnia" they were better. One gets the impression that the peasants are fighting with disguised pioneers, led by a leader. The cannonballs flew over the wall only a couple of times. Even the guns seemed to fall asleep from boredom. The crown of the ribbon was the speech of a Texas general on horseback with an artificial saber that democracy would inevitably win. As a result, there are very few events in the two-hour feed with a budget of 145 million. And there is no blood at all in the military epic, as if it was filmed for educational purposes by the BBC. But even the British could shoot better even for a tenth of such a huge budget. It remains to be hoped that the entire filming tape changed the type of activity immediately after the premiere buffet reception.

Pluto Nash, 2002. The tape, which never appeared on the wide screen, brought the studio bosses a loss of $ 134 million. The failure became clear even on trial viewing. As a result, the film was not advertised, without promotion and reviews from critics, it collected only 7 million. The directors managed to create a fantastic comedy with Eddie Murphy, while absolutely unfunny. However, when watching it, you just need to get rid of the idea that the movie is positioned as funny. After all, if you go to "Pluto Nash" not as a comedy, but as a space action movie for teenagers, the film can leave a good impression. The director was able to easily and beautifully, albeit stupidly, shoot a story about how the character of Eddie Murphy founded his own nightclub on the moon, protecting him from the attacks of the mafia. Even though there were no funny jokes here, something is constantly running, flying, shooting, rattling and flashing neon on the screen. Almost Beverly Hills Cop, but with a galactic twist. If you are not allergic to ostentatious stupidity, then even from "Pluto Nash" you can get a portion of joy. But they decided to protect the mass audience from this masterpiece.

"Sahara", 2005. The losses of this militant amounted to $ 133 million. It would seem that the tape had a perfectly suitable plot - a pumped up intelligent adventurer travels through the African deserts in search of the lost battleship ship (yes, yes!). Along the way, the handsome man saves the heroine of Penelope Cruz from the local dictator. It would seem that this story is quite worthy of the $ 160 million budget. The tape was created on a grandiose scale, threatening to become the second "Indiana Jones" or at least "Mummy". However, the plan did not happen. They say that the reason for this is the indiscriminate funding of the filming. As a result, everything that is possible explodes on the screen. And where the appearance of one motorcycle was enough, there is also a helicopter, a dozen tanks and an antique Rolls Royce. In fact, the movie looks exciting - a kind of "Indiana" with a modern look and muted shades of clownery. The film could be a classic. At the time of its release, "Sahara" took first place on its weekend, but no one watched it further. As a result, the film never reached its cost. It is quite possible, as with "Island of Thugs," that "Sahara" simply came into being at the wrong time and place, which was the reason for the failure of a strong film.

"The Thirteenth Warrior", 1999. Even his participation in the film by Antonio Banderas did not save him from a $ 126 million loss. Many critics are perplexed about such a failure, unless an allergy to this Spanish macho was the reason. Perhaps the viewer was scared off by the abundance of blood with an unassuming plot. An Asian warrior joined a group of Viking warriors, seeking to find and punish some wild and indistinct tribe of cutthroats. In 1999, the tape cost 85 million, making it clear that money alone cannot create art. "The Thirteenth Warrior" is quite good as a low-budget film running through the northern forests. But he still does not pull the role of a major blockbuster, and even the massive cutting off of limbs did not save him. The experiment failed painfully, but it deserves no bad words.

"City and Country", 2001. It would seem, how can a romantic comedy fail at the box office? However, this tape brought losses of 115 million to its creators. The film does not want to be turned off in the middle, it even causes a couple of chuckles in 104 minutes of the whole action. The City and the Village had a difficult fate. To shoot the tape according to an unfinished script, a whole bunch of mature and overripe Hollywood stars were driven to the set. As a result, Goldie Hawn and Warren Beatty, Andy McDowell, Nastassja Kinski and Diane Keaton starred there. The filming went on for an agonizingly long time, after which the actors happily fled to take part in other projects. When they decided to finish filming the tape a year later according to the script that had been completed, the entire crew had to pay salaries again. As a result, the budget of the film amounted to an impressive 90 million - the producers were determined to see it through to the end. The viewer saw a typical picture of rich married couples in which husbands are constantly cheating, visiting resorts and playing golf. And their wives, in revenge with the help of lawyers, deprive the spouses of all the money during the divorce. The film, even in principle, could not recoup the money invested in it, it simply was not ready for it. "City and Country" could at least leave a good memory of itself, but in the last part of the film, the writers ran out of fantasy, which they apparently decided to replace with narcotic or alcoholic visions. As a result, instead of a denouement on the screen, a flow of some kind of panic mess, which destroyed the good impression that had developed at the beginning of the picture.

"Speed ​​Racer", 2008. The directors of the Wachowski brothers were able to realize their dream, only now it cost the studio $ 106 million in loss. "Speed ​​Racer" was not accepted even by those fans of the brothers who were able to perceive the continuation of "The Matrix". But what's wrong with the film, other than a nasty monkey as a character and a drag queen as a director? The movie came out quite innovative, with an acid tint, stimulating only epileptic seizures, not light feelings. The tape is intended for adolescents under 16 years old, and for those who remain a child in their hearts. The main thing is that Speedy was created with a soul. If it is there, it is no longer so important which acid ate the brain. The disappointing failure was predictable. Hollywood has once again proved that dreams rarely come true here.

"The Gates of Paradise", 1980. This western was filmed in slightly tinted sepia, but even this technique did not save the tape from a $ 104 million loss. The film tells about a massive armed showdown in Wyoming at the end of the nineteenth century. This topic for a blockbuster is initially very dubious. In addition, the viewer was scared off by the four-hour duration of the film! Own ambition was the reason for the failure. In an attempt to save the tape, the producers tried to limit the duration to two and a half hours, but this did not help either. There is a lot of eroticism in the cinema, but other topics are not disclosed at all. As a result, the viewer frantically tries to find the thread of the narrative, but cannot. Moreover, the motivation of the main characters is ridiculous. The disaster with the release of "Heaven's Gate" buried the career of director Michael Cimino, and after all, his previous film, "The Deer Hunter" received five Oscars! But such a failure warned us against his next multi-million dollar opus.

"Final Fantasy", 2001. This film was also the dream of its creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi. But as with Speed ​​Racer, he did a fantastic 100 million in damage, effectively bankrupting his studio. The film is based on the series of games of the same name. The film was the first and failed (which could not but rejoice the union of actors) attempt to revive computer animation. The director planned that the drawn characters could play better than the million dollar actors. All sorts of technological know-how were brought into the film, visual beauties were created on a cosmic scale. Only the viewer, who had sat until the end of this action, did not appreciate all this. The artistic merits of the picture are evidenced by the fact that it is better to look at it with pictures-frames. At least it excites the fantasy, unlike the movie itself.

Incheon, 1982. This losing tape only brought in losses in the amount of the current $ 90 million. Moreover, the tape is quite unique. Today it is almost impossible to find it on torrent trackers - it has become invisible. Therefore, few people will be able to appreciate the artistic value of this film. Director Terence Young tells the story of the Battle of Incheon at the very beginning of the Korean War in September 1950. Although the picture was created by Hollywood, it was sponsored by two crazy Asians - the head of a Korean church and a Japanese journalist. Quite significant is the fact that it was originally proposed to shoot a tape about Jesus Christ or Elvis Presley. But the plan was unexpectedly transformed into an epic about the landing of American troops in Incheon. Even the church was involved in the promotion of the film, which quickly decided to take advantage of this - the face of Jesus is seen above the American planes soaring in the sky in Korea. But this idea did not work, perhaps it was the religious funding of the film that was not enough for success.

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