Murphy's Laws of Experts

Expertology Law

The solution to any parenting problem depends on which expert you turn to.

The curse of major experts

Why is it that most psychologists you know have some kind of dusty children? Why is it that most of the priests and rabbis you know have children with some kind of criminal tendencies?

The power of the printed word

The effectiveness of your favorite parenting discipline book is enhanced when you swing it threateningly in the air, trying to force your captured son into his bedroom to deal with him completely.


Psychologists know better about how to write books.

Experts' riddles

After consulting an expert, you face five problems at once:

1. The original problem.

2. The problem of understanding the advice received.

3. The problem of implementing this advice.

4. A new problem that will result from the implementation of this advice.

5. Mind-blowing account from an expert.


The more experts you consult, the more solutions you will find for any parenting problem.

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