Meaning of the name

Eugene translated from Greek means "noble".


Like all men, whose name also has a feminine form, Eugene sometimes has a contradictory combination of strength and weakness. Moreover, as a rule, strength went to his appearance, and weakness - to character. Stubbornness is especially pronounced in him - the driving force of his character, and this trait will allow this mental bumpkin to reach sometimes considerable heights in life.

Eugene is hardworking, but at heart he is just waiting for the work to end soon. Any obstacles in achieving the goal unsettle him. He does not know how to concentrate and overcome them. Now, if he gets really angry, then he will master everything!

Eugene is sensitive to the suffering of loved ones, but he will not rush to help - he will sympathize, and that's all. He is very amorous, which is why he suffers many troubles. He will be held by that woman, the riddle of whose attractiveness he will never be able to unravel (most of all he values ​​mystery in women). In addition, a wife should be a good analyst, because you do not feed Evgeny with bread - let someone open your incomprehensible soul.

In general, this is a sweet, kind, pleasant person. As a rule, independent and strong-willed. Maximalist, inclined to order life. Such are cursed, but they cannot leave. With his mother he is soft, affectionate, gentle.

Little Zhenya will amaze others with his ingenuity. He will learn to read and write very early. Great dreamer. At school - among the best, writes essays well, easily learns a foreign language. He is friends with his classmates, they respect him for his kindness and generosity. He treats girls with a courtesy, chivalrous manner, often idealizes them.

In the chosen specialty, he reaches medium heights, his element is the exact sciences, electronics. In his spare time he can compose poetry.

In a woman, he values, first of all, spiritual purity, subconsciously seeks some kind of mystery. Eugene was created for family life. He sees nothing wrong with scrubbing the floor, going to the market or doing other household chores. Organically does not tolerate scandals, avoids quarrels.

Because of the eternal dispute over who should be the head of the family, he will not break the atmosphere of mutual understanding and love so valued by him. Unfortunately, wives often mistake such tolerance for spinelessness. By the way, with all the ensuing consequences.

They willingly walk with children, around them you can always see a flock of boys and girls. Many Eugenias are very jealous. Evgeny will never initiate a divorce.


He is very picky when choosing a partner, his temperament is average. He treats women with some disdain, considers them to be lower creatures, and men, but he is by no means a misogynist. He associates girls most often with innocence, which he sincerely defends.

Eugene may, erroneously, identify the beauty and charm of a woman with her sexuality, and is often punished for this. He is inclined to believe that sex is good in his youth, subsequently a person should take up more serious matters: earn money, have a family, children, take care of their well-being.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that his wife, not fully receiving what she expects, feels constantly dissatisfied, left out, irritated at the slightest reason and becomes annoying in her demands.

But the most striking thing is that Eugene in such situations feels offended. He is unable to imagine that his maximum achievements in the field of sex are comparable only to the average activity of other men. A variety of sexual partners can stimulate him, and he does not consider it shameful - Eugene looks at things widely.

He is quite frank in expressing his intimate desires, is devoid of complexes and wants to know all forms of sexual communication. In his sexual life, he needs to feel that he not only quenches his partner's thirst, but also receives full pleasure himself, restores mental and physical balance.

If Eugene is not satisfied with his wife, he rarely divorces, but looks for an opportunity to catch up on the side. After forty years, he reduces his requirements for the sexuality of his partner, as he reduces sex to a biological necessity.

In his youth he is sexually active, seeks to learn as much as possible, to try everything. He marries a partner whom he has known for a long time, but marriage does not bring him complete happiness, and he most often finds satisfaction on the side. Somewhat selfish, does not take into account the needs of the spouse. Children of different sexes are born, they are raised by themselves.



A rock


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The sound of the name Eugene gives the impression of something safe, small.

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