Meaning of the name

Edita translated from Hebrew means "giving orders."


Edita grows up as a soft, responsive girl. She is kind, responsive, sometimes boastful. She studies well at school, pleases her parents with success.

Edita is a fragile, feminine, but at the same time, brave, brave woman. Friends love her, she is an interesting conversationalist, always ready to help with advice and deed.

Edita loves to take risks, she can put everything on the line. She is phlegmatic, stubborn, persistent, very patient, always achieves the goal set for herself.

Edita can work in art, as well as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, accountant, merchandiser.

Edita usually marries several times, she was born for devoted love, does not forgive betrayal. Peace in the family is of great importance to Edita, but her husbands do not share these beliefs. Edita seems cold, unapproachable, but this is a deceptive impression.


Edita is extremely sexy and constantly strives for sensual pleasure. She spends a lot of effort to look strong and self-reliant. Edita loves to manipulate men, sometimes she tries to play the role of a mother in relation to them. Edita is characterized by theatricality and some mannerism in relationships.

Edita is very easily excitable, passion can literally overwhelm her, and, trying to hide her, she begins to portray a little innocent girl who is possessed by an intemperate man. She experiences a special erotic pleasure from such a game.

After unsuccessful intimacy, he will try not to meet with a partner anymore, and if this is not possible, he becomes angry and irritable with him. But if Edita comes across a tactful and patient man who can take care of the full satisfaction of her desires, both get great pleasure from intimacy.

Edita loves male society, loves the atmosphere of enthusiasm, worship, if she puts her eye on a man, she will definitely achieve her goal. She is difficult to please, she requires long courtship, compliments, romantic declarations of love before agreeing to intimacy.

In sex, Edita is unstoppable and resourceful. She is jealous, suspicious, having taken advantage of her husband's infidelity, she will not divorce, but she will show her temper.


The black.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Edita gives the impression of something good, strong, simple, joyful.


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