The most unusual dunes

Man's creations are nothing before the millennial influence of nature. They are found in sun-dried deserts, the location of prehistoric lakes, between land and sea.

The majestic barriers created by nature have long protected the land from floods and harsh winds. But some of the dunes are real champions, surpassing in size and structure itself all others.

Dune at Pyla, France. This massive sand mound cuts right into a century old pine forest. The dune appeared on the shores of the Arcachon Gulf of the Atlantic Ocean. The sandy massif is the highest in Europe, rising 106 meters in height. The length of the dune is about three kilometers, and the width of the dune is half a kilometer. Strong winds, ebbs and flows have conquered part of the land with the help of sand. And the dune continues to move inland, expanding by five meters per year. This is a very popular tourist destination, a real treasure of French Aquitaine. You can even climb to the top of the dune using a ladder, which in windy weather still turns out to be covered with sand.

Big Daddy, Namibia. This sand dune rises to a height of 304 meters above the surface of Namibia. "Big Daddy" attracts not only local residents, but also numerous tourists. After all, there is a unique opportunity to go rock climbing on the rusty-red slopes of this huge dune. From its top, unforgettable views open up that will be remembered for a lifetime. There will be something to tell your friends about! But there are many sand dunes on the Sussosphlei plateau, so becoming the highest of them is a feat. The serial number of "Big Daddy" is the seventh. The dune is located along the Tsaushab River and is the highest in the Namib Desert. For tourists interested in the local arid climate, climbing Big Daddy is considered a mandatory part of the program. And bragging about climbing Big Daddy is much more fun than a banal climb to Dune Seven.

Inislas, Wales. Local names are quite difficult to pronounce in our language, but this should not scare off true connoisseurs of nature. It is believed that the dune is one of the most beautiful places in the already picturesque Wales. Inislas is located on the border of land and sea. This place is constantly changing its shape and color. The sand here is not lifeless - wildflowers are scattered on the slope facing the sea. The ridge is constantly growing, as the wind continues its action, increasing its creation with grains of sand. It is interesting that the dune is not just a beautiful natural object - it is a kind of barrier that protects the local ecosystem. Inislas stands as a sandy wall, protecting the vegetation from the harsh sea winds.

Dunes of Badyn-Jaran, China. To visit these dunes, it is recommended that you buy headphones in advance. In the Chinese desert of Badyn-Jaran, there are some of the highest stationary dunes on the planet. These wind-blown sandy mountains rise up to 500 meters! People have yet to learn all the properties of these dunes. Surprising at least is the fact that they are held in place by the water somehow seeping from the lake below. But this is far from the only secret of the Badyn-Jaran dunes. An interesting phenomenon called "singing sands" takes place here. It manifests itself in the fact that when the upper layer is blown away by the wind, an electrostatic charge is formed in the lower ones. As a result, people can listen to thick low-frequency noise, similar to the sound of an airplane flying overhead.

Mount Tempest, Australia. This 285-meter-high mountain beckons with being one of the tallest coastal dunes in the world. This also attracts tourists, many of whom travel to deserted Queensland just to climb the sandy slope of the dune. And the mountain is held in place thanks to vegetation, which with its roots goes deep down and does not allow the soil to creep. The dune is a tasty morsel for both passing tourists and professional photographers. After all, it offers an excellent panoramic view of the territory from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

Dune Rig-e Yalan, Iran. This dune is not only one of the highest with an indicator of 304 meters above sea level, but also stands out for its temperature. Rig-e Yalan is located in the desert, which is only a few kilometers from the hottest place on Earth. There the temperature reaches 65 degrees! And although the temperature at the top of this famous dune is clearly lower, it is still not recommended to climb during the hottest part of the day.

Cerro Blanco, Peru. This dune is a solitary dune hidden between the towering Andes and the coastal mountains in South America. The very name of the object is literally translated from English as "small peak". It is small relative to the peaks of the neighboring Andes. The dune is generally considered by many to be the highest in the world, with an indicator of 2,133 meters above sea level and above the neighboring plains and rocks. The dune stands out for its white sand, as well as its easy climbing ability. To conquer, no special preparation is required, sandwiches and a supply of water are enough. The dune was considered a sacred place by the Incas. And today tourists here are having a lot of fun - some drive around in jeeps, while others are learning sand surfing.

Dunes Mesquite Flats, California, USA. When you mention Death Valley National Park, these sand dunes immediately come to mind. But Mesquite Flats occupy no more than one percent of the entire area of ​​the reserve. And even if the dunes are not the highest, they do not even reach thirty meters, their size is striking. The sandy hills stretch for several kilometers, allowing guests and locals to walk in the desert. In hot and dry climates, soil is difficult to form permanently. The dunes are formed by sand blowing out quartz and travertine sand. Moist air from the ocean does not reach this area, leaving the sand in a kind of trap.

Rub al-Khali, Saudi Arabia. And the name of this dune in Saudi Arabia is translated as “empty quarter”. However, its area is so large that it would be enough for a small state - 647.5 thousand km². In this sandy sea, the dunes rise like waves in the sea, one after another. But in this area there are large gypsum plains between the hills. In these dunes, you can feel like Lawrence of Arabia, climbing a 76-meter hill of red quartz sand. And the sight of the endless desert will allow you to tune in to a philosophical mood.

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado, USA. Speaking of dunes, the Great Sand Dunes cannot be ignored. They are located in the US state of Colorado. It seems that the dunes here are not the highest, and not the largest in area, but they perfectly contrast with other natural elements. Dehydrated sandbanks descend to the Medano Creek, and on the other side begin to climb to the rocky mountains, turning blue in the distance. The local sands are quite soft, and because of the small area of ​​dunes of 77.7 km², fans of surfing on the sand, sledging and just going downhill come here. People here turn into real children, and the dune turns into an ordinary slide on the playground.

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