Meaning of the name

Donat means "donated" in Latin.


In early childhood, he does not differ in good health: he has a compromised immune system, is prone to colds and is susceptible to various infectious diseases. Sensitive and receptive to everything that happens.

Donat looks like his mother, his mother's character also inherits: he is modest, shy, takes a long time to decide on any enterprise, but rarely makes mistakes. Many consider him to be slow-witted, but this is far from the case. He is quick-witted, quickly perceives any information, but does not rush to conclusions. Very neat, squeamish.

Has a rich imagination, creative personality. He loves popular science literature, is curious. He is fond of football, can play in a team at the institute.

In adulthood, Donat is a calm, judicious person, carefully thinking over his actions: he is not inclined to make rash decisions, he does not like to take risks. Somewhat straightforward, he can express his opinion about others in the eyes, which brings him a lot of trouble.

Poorly adapts to changing living conditions, does not like to change jobs, place of residence. Strongly attached to close people, it is hard to break up. Has a developed intuition, is well versed in people. He carefully chooses his friends, is devoted to them to the end.

He is generous and condescending to women, always finds an opportunity to justify any unseemly act of theirs: he is more likely to blame himself for everything.

Many consider Donat to be an eccentric, he often misses the opportunity to advance in the service, to win the favor of a woman he likes because of excessive prudence, long thoughts about whether he is doing the right thing: the more agile are ready to take his place.

Donat can be a good leader, he enjoys authority among colleagues, he can organize work, he never goes into conflict with others. Smart, hard-working, has an analytical mindset. He knows how to be strict where it is needed, but he can also enter into someone's position, understand and forgive.

For a long time he hesitates to marry, he can meet with his girlfriend for several years before making her an offer. Sometimes the girl gets tired of waiting and makes him make a decision herself. He chooses a balanced, economic, child-loving woman as his wife. Appreciates loyalty and devotion in a woman. Very vulnerable and will not forgive treason.

By nature, Donat is a materialist, a realist. He is very independent, does not like to be obliged to someone, strives for complete independence, even from loved ones.


He knows very well what kind of partner he needs, his claims are great, so it is very difficult for him to find his ideal, Nevertheless, he does not agree to enter into intimate relationships with just anyone. Donat has a strong sense of ownership, he must own his woman undividedly, she must always be with him.

He first of all pays attention to the appearance of the partner and only later, with close acquaintance, will be able to appreciate her mind and spiritual qualities. He will never leave his girlfriend in trouble, in difficult times he will lend her a helping hand.

Donat often marries for convenience, his relationship with his wife is based on mutual respect, and he seeks sexual satisfaction on the side.



A rock


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The sound of the name Donat gives the impression of something good, simple, majestic, courageous, mighty, big, slow.


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