Danish female names

Abeli ​​is a shepherdess
Abelone the Destroyer
Ice is god
Alvilda - the battle of the elf
An - benefit, grace
Aneska - chaste, holy
Anesa - chaste, saint
Anneliese - benefit, grace
Annelisa - benefit, grace
Aslog - the betrothed woman of god

Byne the displacer
Bent - Blessed
Birjit - Exalted
Birze - bright
Birt - Exalted

Vibek - war

Gray - dawn
Grese - pearls
Gret - pearls
Greta - pearls
Gretta - pearls
Gretel - pearls
Grechen - small pearls

Jannik is a good god
Jeet - exalted, Jewish, Jewish woman
Dit - a gift from God
Doret - a gift from God
Dorze - a gift from God
Dort - a gift from God

Injeborg - help, protection

Kaja - chicken, chicken
Karen - clean
Karin - pure
Caroline is a human
Cairn - pure
Kirsten is a follower of Christ
Christine is a follower of Christ

Lairk is a lark
Liz is god is my oath
Loviz is a famous warrior
Longina - long
Lone - from Magdala

Magdalone - from Magdala
Malin - from Magdala
Margarese - pearls
Margareta - pearl
Margarete - pearls
Margrese - pearls
Martha - pearl
Mayrne - from the sea
Meret - pearl
Mia is the sweetheart

Albert - a bright nobility

Pernill - stone

Rebecca - The Trap
Rick is a peaceful ruler

Silge - Blind
Solvedge - strong house

Tilda - powerful in battle
Torborg - Thor's defense
Triad - pure

Ulrike - prosperity and power

Frederick is a peaceful ruler

Khjordis - the goddess of the sword
Hell - successful, successful

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