Murphy's laws of conception and pregnancy

A guaranteed way to get pregnant

1. Tell your parents that you are determined not to have children.

2. Go deeper into debt.

3. Move into an expensive one-bedroom apartment and sign a three-year lease.

4. Buy a two-door coupe sports car.

5. Lose five pounds, go to an expensive boutique and completely change your wardrobe.

6. If you want to have twins, apply for adoption.

7. If no other remedy works, file for divorce.

Mark Twain's truth about inseparable couples

Close acquaintance contributes to the appearance of children.

Chances of pregnancy, or the gateway of fate

1. When you yourself are trying to get pregnant, it takes years.

2. When you try your best not to "fly in", it happens the first time.

Sexual self-sacrifice

The harder you try to get pregnant, the:

1.It takes more time.

2. you get less pleasure from sex.

Fertility factor

Women are only fertile for a few days during each month ... provided they are not alone.


When it comes to unmarried teenage girls, they are capable of conceiving throughout the month, and especially on weekends.

The law of the little "little"

You can't "sleep a little" with a man ... and you can't be "a little pregnant."

Pregnancy myths

1. It is impossible to conceive while sitting on the toilet.

2. You will never get pregnant even if you swallow a whole ton of raw watermelon seeds.

3. There are no children from kisses either.

4. Storks do not bring small babies.

5. There is no such thing as a virgin's "virgin birth".

6. The natural birth of a child is not at all a joyful thing.

7. Medicines do not relieve all pain.

Sexy math

Sex is a formula, according to which 1 + 1 = 3.

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