Male Chechen names

Abdurrahman - slave of the Merciful
Abdurahim - slave of the Merciful
Abdulmalik - Master's slave
Abdusalam - slave of the Perfect
Abdulaziz - slave of the Mighty
Abdulhalik - the Creator's slave
Abdulghaffar - slave of the Forgiver
Abdulvahab - slave of the Giver
Abdurrazak - Slave of the Giver
Abdulalim - slave of the Omniscient
Abdulbasit - slave of the Generous
Abdüllatif - slave of the Good
Abdulhalim - slave of the Patient
Abdulazim - slave of the Great
Abduljalil - Slave of the Glorious
Abdulkarim - Slave of the Magnanimous
Abdulhakim - slave of the Wise
Abdulhamid - Slave of the Praised One
Abulvahid - slave of the One
Abdussamad - slave of the Eternal
Abdulkadir - slave of the Almighty
Abdurrashid - slave of the Prudent
Abbas - stern, gloomy
Abu is the father
Abulkhair - doing good
Adam - made from the dust of the earth
Adl - fair
Akram - generous
Ali is sublime
Alvi - Sublime
Alkhazur - eagle
Alyauddin - the nobility of faith
Amir - ruler
Arzu - eagle
Askhab is the friendliest
Akhmat - the glorified
Anzor is the most caring
Ayub - the repentant

Bagauddin - the height of religion
Bashir - bringing joy
Bekkhan - the main prince, head
Bishr - joy
Borz - wolf
Bula - bison
Bulat - steel

Wadood - loving
Walid is the father
Waha - live
Vakhiyta - let him live
Visiita - let it stay
Voroshil - on behalf of Marshal Kliment Voroshilov.

Gazi - warrior
Gazimagomed - warrior of Muhammad

Daud - beloved, dear
Denis - god of wine
Dikalu - on behalf of the party leader Nikolai Gikalo
Jabrail is the name of one of the archangels
Jamal - handsome
Jamaldin - the beauty of faith
Dick is good
Dobruska - from the name of the head of the Vedensky district Dobrovolsky
Dukhvaha - live long

Zayd - abundance
Zakiy - pure
Zaman - time, era
Zahid - abstinent
Zelimzan - healthy, long-living, real
Ziyad - greatness
Ziyauddin - the radiance of faith
Zuhair - bright, light

Ibrahim is the father of nations
Idris is the name of the Prophet Idris
Izuddin - the greatness of faith
Ikram - honor, respect, reverence
Inal - master
Isa - God's help
Isam - obedience
Ismail is the name of the Prophet Ismail
Ishaq is the name of the Prophet Ishaq
Ihsan - sincerity

Kais - solid
Kura - falcon
Kuira - hawk

Lema - lion
Lecha - eagle
Lou - roe deer

Magomed - on behalf of the Prophet Muhammad
Majid is glorious
Mayrsault - brave
Makkhal - kite
Malik - owner, ruling, king
Mansour - protected, victorious
Mahdi - guide
Murad - willing, aspiring
Musa - pulled out of the water
Mustafa - the chosen one, the chosen one
Muslim is a Muslim
Muhammad - glorified, glorious
Muhsin - doing good
Mukhtar - the chosen one

Nazir - warning
Nal - boar
Najmuddin - the star of faith
Nasruddin - Religious Help
Nokhcho - Chechen

Ovlur - lamb
Olhazar - bird

Pasha is the owner
Piil - elephant

Rajab - the seventh month of the Islamic calendar
Ramadan is the name of the holy month
Rahman - the gracious
Raheem - merciful, compassionate
Rashid - Conscious, Discreet
Ruslan - lion

Said - blissful, happy
Sai - deer
Sayyid - lord
Sayfuddin - the sword of faith
Sayfullah - the sword of Allah
Salah - justice
Salih is the name of the Prophet Salih
Salman is a friend
Suleiman - living in health and well-being
Suli - Dagestani
Sultan - the ruler
Sutarbi - greedy

Tagir - pure, sincere
Turpal - bogatyr

Umar is the name of the second Righteous Caliph Umar
Osama is a lion

Fazl - venerable

Hamid - Commendable, Praiseworthy, Praising God
Haris is a plowman
Hoza is a sparrow

Tskhogal - fox

Cha - bear
Chaborz - bear and wolf

Shamsuddin - the sun of faith
Sharif - noble
Shahid - testifying to monotheism in the face of death

Emin is faithful

Yunus - stream

Yakub - the name of the Prophet Yakub

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