Murphy's laws of siblings

Geographic factor

The closer you get to when your baby is hurt, the louder he will cry.

The Last Laughing Principle

Whoever laughs last gets hit first.

Quarrel factor

The ability of two siblings to maintain a fight for any length of time is limited only by their need for sleep.

Sibling battlefield

Before you can end the fight and settle the quarrel between two brothers or sisters, the seeds of the next fight have already been sown and have taken root.

Exceptions to the ideal

Children are self-centered, impulsive, sloppy and noisy. Aside from these little flaws, they are the perfect embodiment of perfection.

Presumption of innocence

The more innocent your children look, the more guilty they really are.

The guilt factor

1. When you take two of your children who were fighting among themselves, both will yell: "He hit me first!"

2. The first to cry is the child who was defeated in a fight.

3. The child who cries louder is the one who started the fight.

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