Meaning of the name

Translated from ancient Greek means "courageous".


Arsenias do not cause much trouble to their parents. They study well, do not conflict with their peers, are sociable. Vulnerable and sensitive. They make music, but under pressure from their parents. They love animals, keep dogs in the house, are not lazy to take care of them. These boys only want to do what they like. They often find themselves in ridiculous or ambiguous situations that they themselves create.

They are not talkative, prefer to listen to what others have to say, they are not leaders. It is difficult for them to move up the career ladder, and if they make a career, it is thanks to their parents. Resourceful, brave, but very stubborn, and this makes life difficult for them.

Go in for sports, but without visible results. They are cunning, calculating, hardworking and accurate. They value friendship, but do nothing for another selflessly. They make plans that are often far from reality. They are accommodating, but if they quarrel, they hold a grudge for a long time and will never take the first steps towards reconciliation. They often marry twice. As a rule, they repeat the fate of their parents.

By profession, they are designers, sports coaches, doctors, cooks, artists, architects, lawyers, drivers. Some of them are committed to serving God. They collect old books, icons, coins.


Inclined to doubt, not always self-confident. He, one of the few, identifies the beauty of a partner with her sexuality. I am inclined to believe that sex for a man is an integral part of life. I am convinced that sexual intercourse should bring maximum pleasure to both partners.

Arseny knows female psychology very well, has a bright erotic personality, is attentive to his partner. During foreplay, he is passionate, capable of recklessness. Can make your partner's erotic experiences unforgettable. She is very offended if she does not feel her reciprocity, it is hard to experience her indifference. He does not like restrictions in sexual relations, he believes that there is nothing shameful in love.

Arseny is demanding in sex, expansive, spends a lot of time with his beloved, not wanting to take into account her capabilities. But this is compensated by the satisfaction of her needs, an abundance of love and affection. He is attentive and sensitive.

He has surprisingly well developed intuition and understanding of a woman's sexual inclinations. He wants to see next to an affectionate girlfriend, inventive in sex and betrayed in love. Arseny is a grateful lover and will never leave his partner unsatisfied.

He prefers to undress her himself, while experiencing an extraordinary surge of emotions. A naked woman does not make that impression on him. He is excited by the growing erotic uplift of his partner during love games, light kisses. He likes it when his partner, gently touching his genitals, whispers words of love. He is strongly influenced by the words of a friend, he needs to know that he is loved, that he is considered an unsurpassed lover.

In the family, he is an excellent owner, attentive to his wife, adores children.


Lilac red.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Arseniy gives the impression of something good, brave, mobile, active, bright.

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