Female Arabic names

Abal - wild rose
Abia is great
Abida is a believer
Abir - aroma, incense
Abla - with marvelous forms
Abra - example, lesson
Abrar - dedicated to God
Avatif - feelings, emotions
Adab - hope and desire
Adara is a virgin
Adawiya - summer flower
Adiba - well-mannered, cultured, polite
Adila - equal, fair, honest
Adn - ​​paradise
Azhar, Azhar - flowers, bloom
Azra - the night wander
Azrar - sacrament
Azil - tenderness
Azila, Asila - of noble birth
Azima, Asima - protector
Aziza - valuable, beloved, dear, pure
Azza is a young, young gazelle
Azir, Athir - beloved, most beloved
Aida - attending, returning, reward
Ayin - the eye, precious
Aini - spring, flower, source, choice
Aisha - Living, Prosperous, Younger Wife of the Prophet
Aya, Aye - a verse from the Koran, a sign of the Lord
Ayat - a verse from the Quran, a sign of the Lord
Aquila is reasonable
Ala - symbols, signs of Allah
Alchena - ring - star in the constellation Gemini
Alima - wise
Aliya - occupying a high position in society
Diamond - diamond
Altaf - kindness, politeness
Alludra, Alladra - virgin
Aluya, Alia - majesty
Al zahra - the nickname of the daughter of the Prophet Fatima - illumined, enlightened
Alzubra, Alzabra - star from the constellation Leo
Amal, Amala - hope, desire, aspiration
Haman - security, peace
Amani - desires
Amatullah, Amatallah - female servant of Allah
Amber is a jewel
Amina - Trustworthy, Name of the Prophet's Mother
Amira - princess
Amjan - greatness, brilliance
Amsa is a decent society
Anan - clouds
Anbar - scent, ambergris
Anbarin - made from amber
Anisa, Anisa - intimate, good friend
Anjum - stars
Anmar - leopard
Anwar - rays of light, bloom
Akila - wife, spouse, best, diamond
Macaw - opinion
Aram - signs, sign, banners
Ariba - reasonable, smart
Arij - aroma, sweet smell
Arub - desired by her husband
Asala, Azala - dignity
Assiya, Aziya - the healer, the one who brings comfort
Asma, Azma - excellent, valuable, daughter
Asriya, Azriya - modern
Atifa - Compassionate
Attica - virgin, pure
Atiyah is a gift
Atiaf - fantasy
Afaf - chaste, worthy, blameless
Afifa - chaste, honest
Afnan - three branches
Afra - white
Afiyya - dusk
Ahd - vow, oath
Ahlam - wise, gifted with a rich imagination, soaring in pleasant dreams
Ashvak - love, affection

Badiya - unique, amazing, delightful
Badra - full moon
Badriya - resembling the full moon
Bazaina, Buzaina - with a beautiful and tender body
Basila is brave
Bayan - purity
Baysan - walking with dignity
Balkis is the name of Queen Sheba
Balm - the actual balm
Ban - a kind of tree
Banana - refined, delicate
Bara - innocence
Baraka - blessing, snow white
Barium - unsurpassed, excellent
Barika - prosperous, successful
Barira - faithful and loyal
Bashima - smiling
Basina - kitten
Basma - smile
Batul - who made a vow of virginity
Bahija - majestic
Bahira - sparkling, diamond, noble woman
Bahiyya - beauty, sparkling
Bahaisa - walking with dignity
Bashair - good news, good signs
Bashira, Bashira - joy bringing good news
Bilkis - Queen of Sheba
Bisar, Bizar - young
Budur - full moon, full moon
Busr, basr - unripe dates, star
Buhja - joy, pleasure
Bukhzatan - happy, rejoicing when he sees others
Bushra, Bashra - a good sign, good news

Gaada is a beauty
Ghadir - stream
Galiya - dear, beloved, fragrant
Gaida - young and tender
Ghazal - coquetry, flirting, words of love
Gazala - female gazelle
Ganiya - a beautiful girl, a beautiful woman, a beauty
Garam - love
Gufran, Gafran - forgiveness
Gunwa, Gunya - necessary
Guzun - tree branches

Daad is an ancient Arabic name
Dalal (s) - raised in love and affection
Daliya - grape wine
Danab - gold
Dania - close
D (x) akira - the one who always remembers about God
Jabira - the comforter
Jada is a gift, a gift
Jadwa - gift, gift
Jala - clarity
Jalila - dazzling, noble, sublime
Jamila - beautiful, graceful, sweet
Jana - harvest
Jana (a) n - heart, soul
Janna - garden, paradise
Java - passion, love
Javakhir is a jewel
Johara, Javkhara - a jewel
Jol, Jaul - walking freely
Jonah is the sun
Jihan - a river in Iran
Jilan - flatterer, courtier
Jinan - gardens, paradise
Johara is a jewel
Jude is generosity
Judy is the name of the mountain mentioned in the Quran
Juhana - a young girl
Juhaina - the name of an Arab tribe
Juman - pearl
Jumana - silver pearls
June Bay
Juna - sun
Juvayriya - the Prophet's wife
Juvan - incense, aroma, perfume
D (x) kiyya - reasonable
D (x) uka - the name of the sun
Dima (x) - rain cloud
Dua - praying
Spirit, Spirit - morning
Dunya, Dania - peace, universe
Dunyan is our world
Durar, Darar - pearls
Durriya, Darriya - sparkling

Iba - pride, dignity
Ilbada - mercy, worship, prayer
Ibtihaj - joy, pleasure
Ibtihal - prayer
Ibtisam - smiling
Idhar - fluff
Ijlal - respect, honor
Izar - preference
Izdiha (a) p - blooming
Izza (x) - power, strength
Ikram - pride, hospitality, generosity
Ilham - intuition
Imag - faith
Imtizal - humility
Inaya, Inayat - care
Inam, Inaam - kindness
Inas - sociability
Inaya - care, attentiveness
Insaf - justice, equality
Intisar, Intisar - triumph, triumph, victory
Isa - generous
Isad - bringing joy, helping
Isaph - relief, help
Isar - charming, captivating
Isma, Ismat - purity, dignity
Isra - Night Journey (Prophet from Mecca to Jerusalem)
Istila (x) - consent
Itaf - watch
Itidal - directness
Itimad - trust
Iffah, Iffat - the chaste
Iftikar - thought, contemplation, meditation
Iftikhar - pride, glory
Ikhlas - sincerity
Ishfaq - compassion
Ishrak - shine

Kawakib - adherents
Kavkab - adherent
Kavzar - Paradise River
Cala - castle
Kalas, Kulus - purity, clarity
Kalila - beloved
Camila is perfect
Kantara - bridge
Karam - generosity
Carida - untouched
Karima - generous, noble
Kifa - fight
Kulzum - daughter of the Prophet

Labiba - sensual, subtle
Lama - the darkness of the lips
Lam - sparkle
Lamia - shine, shine
Lamis - gentle to the touch
Lamia - with dark lips
Lana - gentle, affectionate
Latifah - gentle, kind, friendly
Layali - nights
Layan - tender
Laftia - gentle, graceful, graceful
Leila - born at night, ecstasy, pleasure, delight
Climbing - necessary, commanding
Lee (and) na - care, tenderness
Lubab is the best half
Lubaba - the innermost essence
Luban - pine, the one with a long neck
Lubana (x) - desire
Lubluba (x) - caring, gentle
Lubna - a kind of tree
Lujya, Luja - great depth, abyss
Lujine - Silver
Lulu is a pearl
Lulua, Lulwa - pearls
Moon (x) - date palm

Fadila - virtuous, educated
Fadriya - a savior who sacrifices herself
Fadwa is a name derived from the word self-sacrifice
Fahada, Fahada - female leopard
Fahima - cultured, intelligent
Faika is excellent
Faiza is the winner
Fajr - dawn, morning prayer
Faqriya - honored
Falak is a star
Fanan - three branches
Headlight (x) - joy
Farha - liveliness
Farhana - happy
Farida is the only one, precious pearl or stone
Farina - happy, joyful, contented
Fariza - arch, rainbow, playful
Faziya - the beginning
Fatima - daughter of the Prophet
Fatin, Fatina - amazing, seductive, charming
Fauz, Fawz - victory, success
Fawza - success
Fawziyya, Fazia - successful, winner
Faiza - fragrant
Fairuz - Turkish woman
Fella (x) - Arabic Jasmine
Fida - redemption, liberation
Fidda (x) - Silver
Fikriyah - smart
Firdaus, Firdus - the highest garden in paradise
Firyal, Firial - ancient Arabic name
Furat, Farat - sweet water
Futun, Fatan - charming

Habiba - beloved, dear, wife of the Prophet
Hawla - deer
Hayriya - virtuous, good
Hadil - Like a Dove
Khadiya - calm, the key to virtue
Khadija - the first wife of the Prophet
Khalida - immortal
Khalisa - sincere, pure
Hawla - deer
Hafa - quiet rain
Hafiza is caring
Hafsa (x) - the Prophet's wife
Hafza - protected
Haifa, Haifa - slender, beautiful body
Hajar is the name of the wife of the Prophet Ibrahim
Challah - sweetness
Halah, Haala - radiance
Halima - gentle, patient, the name of the Prophet's nurse
Hamdiyya - one who prays fervently
Hamida - Praiseworthy
Hana - happiness, blessing
Canaan - mercy, love, tenderness
Chania - blessing
Hanifa is a true believer
Khanin - strong desire, passion, longing
Haniya - happy
Hasiba - respected, noble
Hasna (x) - beautiful
Hawa - eva, woman
Hawada is pleasant
Hawazin - the name of one of the Arab tribes
Khavra - the one with bright, black eyes
Hayya, Hayat - life
Khayyam - distraught with love
Hayed - movement
Hyoud - mountain
Khazar - nightingale
Hessa - destiny
Hiba - gift, gift
Hibat Allah - the gift of the Lord
Hidaya - guide
Hijri - the Prophet's journey from Mecca to Madina
Hikma, Hikmat - wisdom
Hind is an ancient Arabic name
Hiiyam - love
Hitam - conclusion, conclusion
Hubab, Habab - the goal
Huda, Hada - the right direction
Hoodun - tranquility
Julia - jewel, ornament
Huma is a bird that brings joy
Humaira - red-cheeked, the nickname the Prophet gave to his wife Aisha
Hunaida - diminutive of Hind
Khur - girls of paradise
Huriya - angel
Khoury - Paradise Virgin
Husn is a beauty
Husna is the most beautiful
Husniyya - beautiful
Hutong - rain clouds
Huwaida, Hawaida - tender
Hulud - immortality
Khuzama - lavender

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