April 1 is not only April Fool's Day, but Apple was born on this day. One can argue about its place in the modern IT business, but it is absolutely certain that no company has generated so many conflicting reviews about its work. As a result, Apple today is not just a company, for many it is a culture and lifestyle, a social status. And the company has more fans than some of the pop stars. True, the number of envious people and critics is also great.

However, the company's celebrity is based not only on its outstanding products. Here they skillfully create an atmosphere of intrigue and mystery. In reality, Apple surprises again! The known facts relate more to the history of the company, and even then, they are so interesting that it is worth telling about them.

History of the logo. The current logo of the company, depicting a bitten apple, is known to almost everyone. However, the most famous emblem of the company is the multicolored apple. Today, this particular look is considered the vintage retro symbol of Apple. But the official logo was still not it. The very first version depicted Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. In such an uncomplicated way, the legend about the discovery of the law of universal gravitation by the great scientists was embodied. This logo was designed by Ronald Wein, one of the three founders of Apple. True, unlike his friends, Wayne is not so well known to the masses. At one time, he sold his share to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak for only $ 800, and today they would be worth $ 22 billion! The company did not use the Newton logo for long. The drawing was very detailed and in a compressed form looked unpresentable on the company's products. The result was a new logo in 1976. That famous rainbow apple was created by Rob Yanoff. The emblem remained unchanged until 1998, when it was replaced by its one-color version.

Start-up capital. In order to raise money for the production of his first Apple I computer, Steve Wozniak had to sell his engineering calculator to Hewlett-Packard 65. At that time, the young enthusiast worked for Hewlett-Packard. Today such a story may seem ridiculous to us - what can be gained from selling a calculator, albeit an unusual one? But at that time such a machine cost no less than a laptop today, and the HP-65 model generally became famous as the smallest programmable computer. As a result, we managed to gain as much as $ 500 for a worn copy. Not bad considering the new calculator costs $ 795. Today this subject is probably history. If a buyer were to list such a calculator on EBay, they could make tons of money! But Steve Jobs did not stand aside - to raise money to buy parts for the first order of Apple I, he was forced to sell his van to Volkswagen.

"Devilish" price. The company's first computer, the Apple I, was priced at $ 666 and 66 cents. Since then, it seems that the company's pricing policy has always been heavily criticized. After all, the high price for Apple products has developed historically. For example, if you take into account inflation and recalculate the cost of the first computer at today's prices, then it would have cost more than modern MacBook Air models and even a 17-inch MacBook Pro. The very same figure on the Apple I price tag has nothing to do with the number of the beast. Steve Wozniak gave a very practical collateral to the number of $ 666.66. Then the manager was fond of repeating numbers. The wholesale price of the computer for stores was $ 500, and the markup gave an outlet retail value of $ 667. Wozniak decided to convert this amount into the number 666.66, which would be more convenient to dial.

An unusual invention. Apple is considered a pioneer company, but how many of us have heard of such an invention as "dogkorova"? Meanwhile, experienced Apple users have probably heard of this. Sobakorova was part of the Egyptian script on the first Macintosh. When such a font was abolished, the symbol moved to LaserWriter Driver 4.0, becoming a kind of mascot for the company's technical staff. Sobakorova named Clairus was created by Susan Kerry. This unusual animal appeared in all versions of operating systems for Mac, up to OS X. In the late 80s, the bellowing-meowing dog-dog became very popular in general among programmers-developers, even Microsoft used this symbol in its advertising. This could not please Apple, and as a result, its developer support team put together a white paper that explains all the features of the animal. As a result, legendary note # 31 as a surprise, "Easter egg" was recorded on the first CDs of Apple Developer, and Clairus and Sobakorova eventually became officially registered trademarks of the company.

And again an apple. Many people know that the name of the Apple computer Lisa is directly related to the daughter of Steve Jobs. But the history of the appearance of the term Macintosh remains a mystery. In fact, in this case, it was not without an apple. This term was given to the computer in honor of the favorite apple variety of company employee Jeff Raskin. Thus, the fruit theme was elegantly played on in this case. Initially, the Macintosh figured only as a codename for the project. According to rumors, Steve Jobs, in the absence of Ruskin, even tried to rename the project to "Biсycle". But this name did not catch on, as a result, the Macintosh remained itself until the very end of the project, conquering its audience under this name in the future.

Not just computers. Apple is innovating in many areas. Few people know that the first color digital camera was made by this company. The product went on sale in the United States in 1994. At that time, Apple QuickTake could take as many as 8 photos, and the camera was connected to a Mac computer via a serial cable. The cost of the product was then $ 749, in today's money it is about $ 1000. The amount seems huge, especially since the camera lacked a display, and its resolution was only 1 megapixel. Apple later released two more QuickTake models, but in 1997, when Steve Jobs returned to his post, the project was finally closed.

Space iPod. The name of the company's legendary music player was inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey. The new device required a catchy name. To do this, Steve Jobs assembled a whole team of copywriters, including the author of the iPod, Vinnie Chico. According to rumors, Jobs had already come up with the slogan for the MP-3 player, which read "1000 songs in your pocket." This allowed copywriters to fantasize freely without being tied to the musical theme. In an interview with Wired magazine in 2006, Chico recalled: "As soon as I saw the white iPod, I immediately remembered the movie A Space Odyssey." The fact is that the process of interaction between the player and the computer reminded him of the interaction of a spacecraft and its escape capsule. It was just called EVA pod. The prefix "i" was added to part of the capsule name, and this is how the name for the famous iPod appeared.

Easter egg in the iPod. Engineers are living people, they also tend to joke. Hidden jokes, Easter eggs, are in many products from various companies. A little secret was hidden in the first iPod. By typing a certain combination of buttons, it was possible to start a game on the player. This procedure was detailed by Nick Triano in his iPod review on geek.com. To activate the game, you had to go to the "About" menu and hold down the central button for three seconds. After that you could listen to music and play Breakout at the same time. Was this game chosen by accident? Legends say that it was on her that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak worked at Atari, when the first deceived his partner, hiding from him the thousand dollars received for the work.

Mysterious employee. A mysterious employee named John or Johnny Appleseed often appears in Apple history. There was no official explanation for the presence of such a person in the company. Meticulous fans have unearthed that Johnny Appleseed was an 18th-century American missionary and gardener. The connection between the mysterious Johnny and Apple is the fact that he loved growing apples. The first mention of the mysterious character is associated with the investor and former CEO of the company, Michael Markull. It is believed that such a pseudonym was chosen by the engineer when he wrote his programs for the Apple II. Over time, the new TextEdit icon in Mac OS X Leopard was signed with the same name. Moreover, the text is very meaningful. In the advertising campaign "Think differently" in 1997, the following words sound: "For madmen! For white crows, rebels, troublemakers! They are like round plugs in square holes. They look at the world differently, they do not like rules. They are not satisfied with the existing state of things. You can quote them or argue with them, you can praise or scold them. The only thing that is impossible is not to notice them. Because they change our view of things and push humanity forward. And where someone sees madness, I I see a genius. Because it is those who have the madness to think that they can change the world, and there are those who change it. Think differently. ”The letter was addressed to a certain“ Kate ”and signed“ Take care of yourself, John Appleseed ” ... Even without knowing anything about this John, you could not help but notice what constantly appears in the advertising of the iPhone. It's a pity that this character has a fictitious address and phone number, otherwise it would be interesting to know what relation he has to Apple. Perhaps they are tied not only by apples?

Fidelity to style. Apple is true to its style. This statement even applies to the dress code of some of its leaders. So, Steve Jobs's clothing style has long been familiar to everyone - a black turtleneck, Levi’s jeans and NB sneakers. However, this is not the only fan of the consistent style. In every commercial for the company's new product, its senior vice president of production design, Johnny Ive, has been featured in the same T-shirt for more than 10 years. But how can you not forgive the geniuses for their quirks?

Enemies or Friends? Microsoft is believed to be one of Apple's main competitors. But few people realize the fact that at one time Bill Gates' company became a shareholder of its enemy. It turns out that in 1997, Microsoft invested a whopping $ 150 million in Apple! At that time, the positions of the "apple" company were weak, Steve Jobs had just returned to it. And Microsoft was pursued lawsuits on charges of market monopoly. As a result, the deal turned out to be beneficial to both parties. Apple got the funds it needed, and Microsoft got the promise of MS Office and Internet Explorer for the Mac. This deal gave a trump card in the fight against accusations of monopoly, because Apple still existed on the market! The companies reconciled by withdrawing mutual claims for authorship of the graphical interface. However, it did not become the largest shareholder of Microsoft. And the amount was not so large, taking into account the value of the shares, only no more than 2.5% were sold. For example, in the same year, the Prince of Saudi Arabia bought 5% of Apple shares for 314 million. But what happened to Microsoft's share in the future, history is silent. It should be noted that that investment has become very profitable, now the value of these shares has increased more than 20 times!

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