Meaning of the name

Angelina in translation from ancient Greek means "messenger".


Angelina is a mystery embodied. Passionate, temperamental, with a sharp mind, a cheerful disposition, she skillfully hides these properties behind a detached calmness, a half-smile, an inattentive, scattered gaze. It is dangerous to underestimate her - a person risks being made a fool. You should not even offend Angelina, she is sophisticatedly vindictive.

Angelina is a mysterious person. The temperament is bright. A sharp mind, a cheerful disposition. But all this is far from immediately recognizable behind external calmness and equanimity.

Often born into a family where parents do not get along with each other and often disagree. To some extent, this leaves an imprint on the girl's character, more like the character of her mother. She is irritable, stubborn, loves to command other children, and will not yield to her mother in anything.

It doesn't matter at school, goes there reluctantly. We can say that these girls are among those who are said to have raised themselves. Angelines do not count on anyone's help, relying only on themselves in everything.

Angelines, born in winter, have rough traits in their character. Stubborn, it is difficult to convince them.

Summer-born are gullible. They get married early, but not always successfully. The same unsuccessful marriage is with the "autumn" Angelines.

Angelines are good hostesses. They like to receive guests, they themselves rarely go to visit, as they are heavy on the rise.

It seems to them that they have a "horse" health, do not spare themselves at work, sleep little, eat irrationally. Minor ailments can make life difficult. Scoliosis often develops, and you need to pay attention to this in time, otherwise after 40 years you will experience severe back pain. Swimming is desirable - it is good for scoliosis. Weak spots - the autonomic nervous system, genitals.


She is restrained and modest, although she learns the intimate side of life quite early. Angelina feels more confident if she has an affectionate partner with her. With mutual attraction, she is able to be relaxed with a man, receive and give pleasure, but she needs time to adapt to him, to study the range of his acceptability in sex.

She is happy with a man who has more sexual experience and sufficient activity than she. Angelina can ignore a partner, meetings with whom they are "according to the template", offering her the same pose, saying the same words.

She is alien to men for whom sex is only a means to get rid of discomfort, while for Angelina herself it is a desired, happiness-bringing connection with her lover.

She does not think of intimacy without a love game, she reacts especially passionately when a partner caresses her breasts. Without erotic play, Angelina does not receive satisfaction, love and sexuality mean tenderness and affection for her, but she feels deceived if the partner, igniting passion in her in the preliminary period, does not wait until she reaches a climax.

Her ideal is a man, strong not so much in the sexual sense as in the everyday sense. In his presence she wants to feel weak, protected, in his caresses she prefers art, knowledge, which is higher than strength. She is receptive to the words that her lover whispers to her during intimacy.

Angelina is able to quickly and passionately get carried away, enjoys great success with men, but prefers to choose herself. The extraordinary amorousness of this woman can cause the collapse of her marriage.


Light green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Angelina gives the impression of something safe, bright, joyful.

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