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Andrew in translation from Greek means "husband", "man", "courageous".

For different peoples, the name has varieties: Andrian - among the Moldovans, Anri (Andre) - among the French, Ondrej - among the Slovaks, Andrew - among the English, Andreas - in Germany, Andrzej - in Poland.


Andrey walks through life, playing and smiling. He is very generous and loves to bring joy to people in any way. He is always the way others want him to be: an affectionate son, a loyal friend, an ardent lover, an excellent student or worker, the most responsible head of the family.

Moreover, it seems easier to everyone than it actually is: for example, a wife can flirt with others in front of him quite sophisticatedly, and he willingly pretends that it does not bother him.

However, when a person is very unpleasant to him or turns into an enemy, Andrey changes in such a way that one can be amazed! You shouldn't make this person angry - it will end badly. Andrei with patronymics Alexandrovich, Igorevich and Olegovich are difficult to communicate, have a difficult character.

It strives to dominate in society, often losing a sense of proportion when choosing means. As a man - self-confident. And yet he only dreams of peace.

Little Andryushas are cunning and dreamy. They can enthusiastically assemble the designer, but they can also scream around the apartment, depicting either a plane or a rider. Disobedient. They love sweets, which is why they spoil their teeth since childhood. The mother listens according to her mood, they try to argue with the father. If there is a brother, they are friends with him and love him; the younger sister is jealous and not inferior to her.

Andrei, a teenager, does not stand out in any way, but later those around him will suddenly notice that he graduated from a sports school, and in life he got better than his peers. The girls are offended by Andrei's inconsistency: he can confess his love to one, and the next day, without noticing her, walk by on the other. Nothing confuses him. Andrei will sincerely tell his next friend everything about himself, as in confession, but do not flatter yourself - you will never know everything about Andrei.

Among Andreev there are directors, actors, singers, composers, artists. However, giftedness in the field of arts is more related to the "winter" Andreevs. Born in the fall, Andreas are prudent, punctual, do not hang in the clouds, choose a profession in the field of exact and natural sciences. Lucky in business.

Andrey is appreciated by his boss in his service. Older employees treat him condescendingly, while younger employees expect surprises from him. Nobody knows what may come to Andrey's mind the next minute. Impulsive and unpredictable, he can cause a real delight in his wife with an expensive gift, and then infuriate her by refusing to buy a penny thing that is needed in the household.

Andrei chooses a beautiful, emotional, effective woman as his wife, not being interested in her character and inner world. He rejects the persuasions of relatives and warnings of friends not to rush into marriage.

Andreev has high self-esteem, they are selfish and artistic, and require increased attention to themselves. They can be jealous of a wife if she devotes a lot of time to the child, and little to him. The relationship with the mother-in-law is difficult.

Regardless of the location of the stars during the birth of Andrei with patronymics Alexandrovich, Abramovich, Igorevich and Olegovich are difficult to communicate, they have a complex character.


He is very sensitive, loves flattery, compliments. He is attentive and caring with women, this is a gentle lover. He does not pour a stream of flowery compliments on his partner, but he will never miss an opportunity to show her how much he appreciates her charms - just give him the opportunity to talk about it to his heart's content. His love affairs are endless.

For Andrey, love is most often a form of self-assertion in the erotic sphere, a struggle for the recognition of his sexual abilities, which he may consider insufficiently developed.

It happens that Andrei's intimate life begins quite late and his wife becomes his first woman and he does not fully realize his sexual capabilities before the wedding. He quickly gets used to changes in the environment, loves to bring joy to a woman even to his own detriment, asks her to tell her about her desires. During the first meeting, he can be sexually active, but sometimes he just wants to hug his girlfriend and fall asleep next to her.

In order to show high sexual qualities, Andrei must truly love. He needs a patient woman who can understand his difficulties and share the joys; he does not tolerate any manifestations of rudeness from the partner. Being passionate by nature, he does not worry too much about love failures (this mainly applies to "winter" men).

Andrey is a very temperamental man, he can have sex for hours on end. Does not know fatigue, is inventive, does not tolerate monotony in love games. A subtle psychologist, he feels well the state of his partner, which helps him to tune her in the right way. He prefers to meet with experienced women who easily perceive his sophisticated caresses.

In his understanding, sex is, first of all, freedom of action. There should be no bans here. He fulfills any desire of a partner without question. Fellatio causes him increased arousal, the completion of intercourse is always oral sex.

"Winter" Andrei does not cheat on his wife and he himself will never tolerate not only her betrayal, but even light flirting with another man. He is an excellent lover, full of energy, elegant and attractive to beautiful women. Before marriage, he meets his beloved for a long time, decides with difficulty to take a serious step.

He is faithful to his spouse, does not forgive betrayal and even light flirting. Not stingy in material terms, generous in soul. He is the leader in the family. Children of different sexes are born. Respectfully treats the spouse as the mother of her children, considers her opinion.


Smoky blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Andrey gives the impression of something good, courageous, loud, brave, mighty, mobile, active, bright, joyful.

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