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The Russian Orthodox tradition attributes the origin of the name Alevtin to the distorted Latin name Valentin - (strong). Some researchers suggest Greek roots in it, which, however, is doubtful. One of the options is associated with the descendant of Heracles Aleuton (Alet), whose name means "wanderer".


Alevtina is a sweet, albeit nervous girl, prone to tonsillitis and pharyngitis. She looks like her father both in appearance and in character, perhaps that is why she is attached to him more than to her mother. She is not devoid of talents: she draws well, has excellent hearing, and her parents send her daughter to a music school early.

With age, Alevtina becomes categorical in reasoning, intolerant of the opinions of others. Surrounds himself with many friends, but does not trust any of them. She is difficult to please, she is unhappy with everything. He values ​​himself extremely highly, so he chooses a friend of life for a very long time.

This is not the best type of leader. However, her arrogance and imperiousness are often mistaken for independence, self-confidence, willpower, firmness - qualities necessary for a leader. Conflicts in the team headed by Alevtina are inevitable, even if she takes care of her subordinates.

It is difficult with Alevtina in marriage, although she is a homebody, an economical housewife, a good mother. Alevtina strictly monitors her appearance, she will not go out uncombed. And yet, a rare man will withstand her commanding tone. Only a strict upbringing from early childhood can somewhat blur this character.

In addition, the melody of the name is capable of awakening in Alevtin the dreaminess and the feeling of being different from others. This is further enhanced by the fact that today such a name is quite rare, which makes Alya noticeable in almost any team.

Moreover, it is very likely that it is this visibility that will play its role in the development of Alevtina's significant pride, since, on the one hand, the name is quite beautiful, on the other hand, something old-fashioned is heard in it, and in youth it can cause a lot of trouble. It is possible that Ali's pride will be very painful, and she will feel somewhat uncomfortable among her friends, although in her soul confidence in her uniqueness and even in her superiority may ripen.

All this leads to the fact that most often Alevtina is not able to calmly endure the usual exchange of barbs in the women's collective, her sensitive pride and lack of inclination to restraint often allow her to start, as they say, from half a turn, and where there could be a slight discontent, arises serious conflict.

It must be said that in such a situation it is already difficult to figure out where the cause is, where the effect is, since a vicious circle turns out here - the more conflicts arise, the easier Alevtina begins to break down with causticity, which, accordingly, gives rise to new conflicts.

Often, Alya generally ceases to communicate with the female half of the team, preferring communication with men with whom she feels much better and much more confident. Most likely, Alevtina will choose her husband for a long time, and she will try to choose him from any high circles, which is associated both with her dreaminess and ambition, and with the search for an opportunity to assert herself.

However, here, as well as in communicating with girlfriends, she should be more careful, because any life together, even if the husband is one hundred percent angel, is fraught with many misunderstandings and grievances, so if Alevtina does not overcome her explosiveness, frequent family quarrels can family on the brink of divorce.

A man may not be afraid when he accidentally entrusts Alevtina with any secret related to women, if she goesssip with someone, then certainly not in the women's team. In addition, in the case of communication with Alevtina, it will be useful to prepare for her sarcasm and barbs. They are often quite painful.


Alevtina has no shortage of admirers, she is flirtatious, knows how to present herself, amorous and temperamental. Usually she is very picky in choosing a partner, does not reduce sex only to a biological necessity; love, tenderness and sexual satisfaction are closely related to her. At the same time, she is sometimes able to enter into an intimate relationship with an unfamiliar person simply in order to relieve sexual tension.

Alevtina is not strong in sexual games, but loves to prevail over her partner. She is very susceptible to male caresses, without them she cannot reach the climax. For her, the highest pleasure is to reach orgasm at the same time as a partner, but for this her friend must arm herself with great patience.

In general, Alevtina's sexual behavior largely depends on her partner's sincerity and delicacy. Often a man is not too experienced, but affectionate and gentle, can give her much more pleasure than someone who owns the entire arsenal of sex techniques.

She expresses her feelings to the man directly and herself really needs words: it is not enough for her to feel that she is loved, she, like air, needs to be constantly told about it.

Alevtina has been looking for true love all her life, not being satisfied with erotic adventures. In a relationship with a man, she values ​​his reliability; in love, she needs to feel security and peace.

For intimate relationships, she needs a familiar, better; home environment, she is very sensitive to external stimuli, especially to a foreign smell, if she feels it, she can lose all desire for intimacy.

Sometimes she wants to be alone, to sort out her feelings, in such cases it is better for a man not to disturb her. Alevtina's ideal partner is a patient man who does not insist in sexual relations on what she does not like.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Scorpio, Fish, Aries.


The sound of Alevtin's name gives the impression of something beautiful, simple, smooth, round, kind.

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