Meaning of the name

Translated from ancient Arabic - "letter", from ancient Greek - "resurrection", from Gothic - "other". Presumably the name is of Germanic origin, but its exact meaning has not been established.


Alla is a charming girl, everyone's favorite. In childhood, he tries to attract attention with a new dress, a toy. Is away from pranks and tricks. It can deliver a lot of unpleasant minutes, requiring the mandatory fulfillment of your whim.

She studies well at school, is assiduous and patient, but she is never an excellent student, as she spends a lot of time on her person. Girlfriends treat Alla with coolness because of her arrogance, and the boys do not notice her, because they feel that they mean nothing to Alla.

Alla attracts her fans primarily by being different from other girls. She thinks highly of herself, even if she does not possess sufficient beauty. Alla creates serious problems for herself with her arrogance, her ability to get irritated over trifles.

Alla is characterized by fieryness and integrity, energy and confidence. Alla knows her own worth. She is demanding, capricious and loves herself so much that she simply does not have feelings for other people. She doesn't mind boasting. She tries to charm and subdue any person who has fallen into her environment.

Arrogance, the ability to get angry over trifles, including herself, create many problems for her. The trouble is that she lacks a sense of humor. Her main weapon is naivety. A childish, infantile perception of the world and appropriate manners help her to remain such a cutie for a long time.

Alla is beautiful. But Alla with modest external data always has a very high opinion of herself. With age, the despotic nature of Alla is especially manifested.

In her work, Alla relies only on her own strength. All her dreams are real. However, she tends to do at first and then think, which inevitably leads to mistakes. Can choose the profession of a cook, salesman, beautician, musician. Alla can achieve good success outside the family, in particular, doing business.

In her young and mature years, she is very energetic, she does not waste time in vain. She makes only real plans and achieves their implementation. Alla has a grasp and perseverance, she is confident in herself and her strengths, and also tends to command and give valuable instructions.

She cooks very well. Among relatives and friends, he is famous for his reputation as a good cook. Her passion is taking care of her mom.


This woman remains faithful as long as she is sure that her friend is not cheating on her. She values ​​little female friendship, is more friends with men. Alla is a catchy, beautiful woman who loves to wear bright clothes and scent with exquisite perfume. She is impulsive, energetic, striving upward. Rejects long romantic courtship, which gradually leads to intimacy.

Alla has a healthy attitude towards sex. In her opinion, he must necessarily be part of the courtship. Platonic love is not in her nature, For the sake of intimacy, she can cancel a business meeting. She is affectionate and gentle with her partner, loves to arrange an intimate date beautifully, external attributes increase her enjoyment of sex.

Alla is incredibly jealous and suspicious, having caught or simply suspected a lover of infidelity, becomes unpredictable, can arrange a stormy scene for her rival, showing all her hot temper.

Her sexual behavior largely depends on her partner: she is alien to prejudices, a false understanding of what is acceptable in sex, she willingly responds to erotic affection, but she herself hardly shows any initiative.

The strength of her sexual desire largely depends on her psychological state, mental comfort and is determined by how long her intimate relationship with this partner.

Alla attaches great importance to sex, but does not make a cult out of it and is able to use it talentedly, for example, if it is necessary to restore a broken relationship with her husband.

Alla's first fans appear in her student years. Often these are either foreigners or young people from a criminal environment, in which she is attracted by their dissimilarity from others. Flashy, beautiful, she does not regret men.

Alla could become an ideal marriage partner if she had a great sense of humor and was not so calculating. Therefore, usually a long time passes between the first and second marriages. Alla, who were the favorites of the whole family, are less happy in adulthood. Marriage often doesn't work out.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Aries, Taurus.


The sound of the name Alla gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, round, majestic, courageous, strong, loud, brave, powerful, big, active, bright.

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