Meaning of the name

Alina translated from the ancient German means "noble".


Alina is a sickly girl in childhood, very irritable, stubborn and impudent, and does not tolerate any comments. She is often brought up in an incomplete family, by one mother, but she inherited her character from her father, and looks like him. She has a good memory, she quickly grasps what she heard, and Alina does well at school.

Alina loves to draw and read historical novels. She is proud, seeks to command everyone, is conflicted and at school manages to ruin relations with almost all teachers, and she constantly quarrels with her mother over trifles. He prefers to be friends with boys.

With age, the character of these women softens somewhat, becomes calmer. Although many features: stubbornness, intolerance, the ability to go from one extreme to another, remain. People around her sometimes find her cunning, but in relations with men she lacks flexibility: she will definitely say something to herself to her detriment, which should be kept quiet.

Alina marries late, they have girls who look like their father, but with the character of a mother. They are good housewives, very hospitable, but they cannot get along with their mother-in-law. The nature of these women is such that it is better for them to live apart not only from their mother-in-law, but also from their parents.

Alina knows how to present herself, she always tries to look attractive. She is a fashionista with good taste. He manages to make an original toilet out of nothing and does not forget to make others pay attention to him. She generally likes to brag.

Alins are capable people. They work in different fields, including engineers and artists, doctors and salesmen, journalists and architects, musicians and teachers, although the latter profession, given the unrestrained nature of such women, is contraindicated for them.


She is striking at the discrepancy between the sexuality she radiates and her true libido - sex drive. The first is aggressive, attracting male attention, the second is frail, underdeveloped. She knows that she is attractive, and the desire of men to take possession of her gratifies her pride. She amuses herself with them, not understanding the meaning of this game, since she herself does not feel desire.

Alina loves to manipulate men, using her feminine charms, using fans for her own not sexual purposes. Although she is rarely attracted, she loves sex, enjoys it, and climaxes easily. Her disagreement with certain positions can have very mundane reasons, for example, the fear of ruining her hair.

Sex does not interest her as much as it might seem at first glance. Throughout her life, men mistake her for another, and many of them endure annoying disappointment. She never cares about her partner, does not try to understand him, but she herself - with rather big claims.

In bed she is constrained, squeezed, and only "December" Alina knows how to throw off all the fetters. However, this has its downside: her impulsiveness leads to the fact that she begins to lead an absent-minded, intemperate lifestyle.

Alina, born in the summer, is a business woman who knows how to calculate and foresee everything, she is also pragmatic about sex. Often, intimacy serves her as a tool with which she wants to get what she cannot achieve in another way, say, a promotion.

Alina is a woman who perceives sex with her mind rather than her heart. Sexual energy is often stimulated by creativity.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Aquarius, Gemini.


The sound of the name Alina gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, simple, smooth, round, kind, light, majestic, loud, brave, active, bright, joyful.

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