African female names

Abangu - from the forest
Abena - born on Tuesday
Abeni is the one that was expected
Aboyo - wasting time
Abuto - hidden
Agak - hawk
Aghwang - wolf
Agot - mountain
Adaez - daughter of the king, princess
Adanna - father's daughter
Adanna - father's daughter
Advar the hunter
Adjoa - born on Monday
Adebowall - the queen has returned to the house
Aded - Grasshopper
Adeola - crown of honor
Ajambo - born in the evening
Ajiambo - born in the afternoon
Ajuoga - Doctor
Adongo is the second of the twins
Aduoa - Born on Monday
Aduor - Born at Dawn
Adhiambo - born in the evening
Adhok - born feet first
Ayna - difficult birth
Akello - born after twins
Akech - born during famine
Akinius - born in the morning
Akozua - Born on Sunday
Akoko - noisy
Akua - born on Wednesday
Alaba - born after twins
Alala - Lost
Ama - Saturday Born
Amadi - joy
Amaka - beautiful
Ambala - scar
Anan is the fourth born child
Aniim - sesame
Anyang - crocodile
Apayo is the first of the twins
Apanda is a donkey
Apio is the first of the twins
Apudo - bold
Ataro is a mystery
Atino - born at night
Atich is a hard worker
Afiya - Born on Friday
Afua - Friday Born
Aching - born when the sun shines
Ashanti - the name of the ethnic group

Baako - Born First
Babiray is the first of the twins
Bahati is lucky
Boipelo - proud
Fightingly - joy
Bolanile is the wealth of this house
Bolade - Came for Glory

Gbemizola - carry me to wealth

Dadaism - curly hair
Dambazo is a nuisance
Grandfather - grasshopper
Dikeledi - tears
Dubaku is the eleventh child born
Dayo - joy arrives

Edzhaid - mother's image
Ezi - born on Sunday
Euond - mother returned

Zeri is beautiful
Ash - calm
Zema the queen
Zemba - faith

IJ - born feet first
Idow - born after twins
Imani - faith
Ife - love

Kajiso - Peaceful
Kamaria - like the moon
Kanto is the third child
Katlego - success
Kefilv - I am given
Kirabo - a gift
Cleopatra - Father's Glory
Khikiza - a grown girl

Lesedy - lightweight
Lindive - long awaited
Lumuzi - born face down
Lunjil is good

Mazgo - blessing
Mazozi - tears
Makhamba - amicable
Manyara - humiliated
Mardjani - coral
Mwanajuma - Friday Born
Meikna is happy
Miremb - peaceful
Mojizola - realize wealth
Monifa - lucky
Mudiva - sweetheart
Munash - with God

Nakato is the second of the twins
Ngozi - blessing
Ndidi - patience
Neo is a gift
No phone is the mother of beauty
Nya is the target
Nkemdilim - forever mine
Nkechi - God gave me a blessing
Nkiru - the best is yet to come
Nkiruka - the best is yet to come
Nkozazana - princess
Nkrumah is the ninth child born
Nozizv is the mother of the nation
Nomusa - the merciful
Nsia is the sixth child born
Nsonoua is the seventh child born
Ntanda is a star
Ntombi - lady
Nyarei - humility
Nyah is the goal

Ojechi - god time is the best
Ojechukwukama - god time is the best
Ozumair - rainbow
Oichi - thrown away
Olamayd - wealth has arrived
Ololara - Born at the Right Time
Oluuosey - God did it
Oluuotoin - a god worthy of praise
Oluuofanmileyo - God gave in pleasure
Olufanmilola - God gives me wealth
Olufanmileyo - God gave me pleasure
Oluchi - the work of god
Oleinka - wealth surrounds me
They are born in a sacred place
Onieka - who is more than a god?
Oniekachukwu - who is more than god?
Ootvi - Eighth Born
Owor - greedy

Peach - diamond

Rambidzei - praise
Ramla the fortuneteller
Refilv - given
Rudo - love
Rutendo - faith
Rufaro - happiness

Saaling - I do not track
Samanya - unknown
Setunya - blossom, flower
Sibonakalizo - a sign
Sizambile - we trust
Simizola - relaxation in wealth
Soda - dark-faced
Pissing is joy
Subira - patience

Tundive - love
Taonga - we are - grateful
Tapiva - given
Tafadzwa - we are glad
Taitnda - thanks
Temitoupe - thank you enough
Tendai - grateful
Tinash - God - with us
Titileio - eternal happiness
Tsholofelo - hope

Udo - peaceful
Uzoma - follows the right path
Unati - God - with us
Warnesh - looks like gold

Famnanya - love me
Feraha - happiness
Funanya - love

Chayoma - God - Big
Chiamaka - God - Beautiful
Chibuez - God - King
Chibuzo - God - Leader
Chidiber - God - Merciful
Chidimma - God is wonderful
Chizoba - God protects us
Chika - God is the greatest
Chinaza - God is responsible
Chinv - she is god
Chinwendu - God lives
Chinedu - God leads
Chipo is a gift

Ebel - kindness, mercy
Eyira - the chosen one
Eyo - joy
Eyodel - joy came home
Eyomaide - my joy has arrived
Eyotand - joy is back
Eyu - born on the path
Ekandeyo - sorrow becomes joy
Ekenedilichukwu - all praise to God
Ekin - praise
Ekua - born on Wednesday
Enayola is rich
Enu - fifth born
Efua - Friday Born
Ash - life

Yaa - born on Thursday

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