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Adolf in translation from German means "noble wolf".


In childhood it is difficult to cope, stubborn. The little one is very similar to his mother, then he becomes closer to his father. They study well at school, they love to play table tennis, chess, football, they read a lot of detective stories, science fiction; Adolphs are brave, although vulnerable. Looking for friends themselves. They are interested in numismatics, they love tinkering.

They are punctual and do not tolerate being late for a meeting. They know how to convince, but not beg. These are curious people with a good imagination.

Born in winter are good organizers, they can be entrusted with difficult work, they will do it accurately and accurately. They do not like to go on business trips.

"Autumn" - are calculating, do not take rash steps. They reach great heights in science, these are people who are fanatically devoted to their cause.

Those born in summer are vulnerable, withdrawn, prefer to listen more than talk (the latter also applies to telephone conversations). Despite the isolation, they will never refuse an invitation to visit.

They marry late, choose calm women, do only what gives them pleasure. They like to pick mushrooms, cook delicious meals - they are good cooks. Life is monotonous.

The Adolfs are talented and successful in a wide variety of fields. Among them are bankers and artists, engineers and jewelers, drivers and doctors, and writers.


Adolf has a rather high need for foreplay, erotic play, although he is only able to get aroused from one kind of half-naked woman. He takes pleasure in helping his girlfriend to undress, to touch her body.

Adolf experiences love pleasure much more intense and longer than many men, his sexual process lasts longer. During intimacy, he likes to have his partner kiss him tenderly, enjoying it. After the completion of intimacy, Adolf never turns away from the woman and does not fall asleep first.

Among Adolf's life values, sex is by no means the last. He is able to give his partner maximum pleasure, but any of her attempts to penetrate his inner world invariably fail. Adolf is a collector at heart, but not love victories.


Brick scarlet.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Adolf gives the impression of something rough, dark, quiet, slow, passive, dull, sad.

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