Meaning of the name

Hebrew means "father of many", "patriarch".


Abram involuntarily takes upon himself the negative Karma of the entire Jewish people, an eternal wanderer and an exile. The name is able to turn the life of its owner into a drama, which can lead either to suppression and humiliation of the individual, or, and, to a sharp conflict with the outside world.

Only a very strong person is able to maintain balance in such a situation. In most cases, Abram's external calm is just a public mask, and often his negative intensity finds a way out in endless family conflicts and scandals.

The full form of the name - Abraham - is more favorable, which is in no small part due to the admirable activities of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. In this form, the name endows a person with confidence in his strengths and firmness of character, bringing into balance the movable sign of Libra that controls the given name.

The only thing that will save Abram is a sense of humor, which is always able to neutralize impotent rage and channel energy into a creative direction. You can be sure: if Abram manages to overcome his negative Karma, then we will have a truly great man.

It will show itself well in business and medicine. Many Abrams will find themselves in creativity.

Currently, it is practically not used. Parents prefer to use more modern names for their children.


Abram is delicate in sexual relations, he is very afraid of offending his partner, tries to satisfy all her desires. Very worried when something does not work out. Several unsuccessful sexual contacts can cause deep depression in Abram: he is very impressionable, susceptible. He needs a partner who can support him in difficult times, show sensitivity and understanding.

For Abram, sex is a way of expressing his identity. In an intimate relationship, he tries to understand the psychology of his girlfriend, her attitude to sex, to determine her temperament and sexual training. His intimate experience is not great, but this does not mean that Abram does not like his partners, on the contrary - he is charming. The most striking thing is that Abram, having no special reason to be proud of his sexual achievements, is so gentle and affectionate that sometimes a woman is inclined to consider him a Don Juan.

At the first meeting of Abram with his chosen one, a psychological barrier may arise due to his appearance, style of clothing, but Abram's charm conquers a woman in a matter of minutes, forcing her to experience an incredible attraction to him. His manners, ability to conduct small talk attracts persons of the opposite sex and dispose them to intimate relationships.


Dark brown.

A rock

Green jasper.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Abraham gives the impression of something good, simple, round, majestic, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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